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Are you ready for the meeting of tomorrow? In our "Meetings.2029" feature, we asked a dozen visionaries, including Montreal's C2, what events will look like in a decade.

Our January issue is packed with the information you need to know: accessible meetings, boosting your EQ, planning a legislative day and ways to find freelancing bliss, alongside so much more! Don't miss beautiful destinations like the gorgeous islands of Hawaii and Maui, historic Connecticut and Rhode Island, expansive Australia — and don't forget our California meetings road trip supplement!

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Journey to the Meeting of Tomorrow

When C2 Montreal attendees buckle up for a breakout session 30 feet in the air, it is not a stunt. It is based on experiments that show how changing physical perspective—in this case, hanging from the ceiling in a Sky Lab—can change mental points of view.

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Meetings.2029: Envisioning Gatherings of the Future... Today

Are the meetings you are planning today different from the agendas you printed out five or 10 years ago? How much different will they be in another 10 years? If technology changes everything, will those innovations result in more productive engagements? Will meeting rooms look substantially different—or will we just see subtle changes in the color of the carpet and arrangement of chairs in the ballrooms? Will millennials demand new ways of delivering content, or will they eventually learn to sit in their seats and pay attention for longer than eight minutes?

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Case Study: Mitigating Risky Business for the BPAMA Expo

All planners take the job of protecting attendees seriously. However, some industries put more emphasis on risk management than others. Smart Meetings interrogated Joanne Orlando, account manager at Total Event Resources, about tips for making safety and fail-safe execution centerpieces of an annual event.

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Planners Urged to Step Up Disaster Preparedness

Meeting planners face an ever-increasing number of liability issues due to disasters, such as fires, floods, hurricanes and even acts of terrorism, and need to effectively manage them by establishing solid relationships with venue partners, local officials and attendees.

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January Power Player: Karen Kotowski, CEO of Events Industry Council

After 10 years of service to the meetings industry, Karen Kotowski resigned on Friday. Smart Meetings talked to her about her time with EIC.

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Fake Chews: Meatless Burgers On the Menu

California companies Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have changed the burger game. And both faux-meats are appearing on hotel menus globally.

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Travel Improves for Those with Disabilities Through Technology

Whether you’re planning an event in which guests have disabilities or fall into this category yourself, it’s important to select accommodating facilities.

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This January, Resolve to Boost Your EQ

As we begin the new year with resolutions for self-improvement, why not put boosting your EQ on the list? MPI Academy offers courses that help planners...

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