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How to Vet Limo Companies

Meeting coordinators and convention and visitors bureau representatives often enlist the services of limo companies to assist in transporting visitors to and from the airport and between activities on the itinerary. The fatal crash that tragically killed 20 people (driver, 17 passengers and two pedestrians) earlier this month in Upstate New York presents an opportune…

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6 Ways to Drive Success with ROI Technology

A recent Harvard Business Review study found the vast majority of companies (90 percent) prioritize events. For more than half of them, in fact, events are the most valuable marketing channel. Despite the enthusiasm, companies may be missing out on the competitive advantage events offer, warned the report, titled “The Event Marketing Evolution: An Era…

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Packing Light

6 Tips to Packing Your Bags for Lightweight Travel

Packing bags simply and efficiently is one of the major challenges for planners, and it is becoming more of a necessity as airlines continue to increase prices for checking bags. Last month, Delta became the latest airline to raise the price of checking a bag, joining Jet Blue, United, and multiple Canadian airlines. There are…

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