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Be Contagious in a Good Way With Nonverbal Cues

The job of an event professional is to spread ideas. This is true whether you are on stage, talking to attendees, or working with a team to execute a program or one-on-one with a friend. The easiest way to communicate your message may not be to say it, but to show it.

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Secrets of a Productive Mentorship Program

For all its benefits, pairing people up to share experiences and education is not a silver bullet for success and some relationships work better than others. Smart Meetings reached out to experts to narrow down the dos and don’ts of mentor-mentee-etiquette.

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Cultural Competency 101

According to Seema Jain, director of multicultural affairs for Marriott International, “cultural competence—the ability to view a situation from your perspective and the perspective of others—is a business imperative that allows professionals to solve problems, navigate situations and develop more creative solutions.”

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