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Avoid Airborne Ailments

Airplanes: great for travel, not so great for health. Germs are everywhere, and rarely do airplanes get the full wash between flights—just think of all the connections that occur within minutes.

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The 411 on DMCs

DMCs, or destination management companes, are taking the burden off of planners to make events seamless with the local flair and flavor of the destination where their event or meeting is being held. So, what are DMCs, and how can they help?

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5 Ways to Keep the Post-Event Conversation Going

The hard part is over—you’ve put together a rock-solid branded event, created awareness and people have registered to attend. But event marketers know that any conference is only as good as the conversation it starts.

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Eliminate Packing from Travel

In a way, business trips and vacations start the night before you leave home, when you are tasked with the dreaded chore of…dun dun dun…packing. It is the bane of many travelers’ existence. Packing is very time consuming, and can cause some travelers to feel stressed or anxious.

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Fly Like a Boss

Meeting professionals don’t have to break the bank to live the high life, because many programs make it easy for them to travel luxuriously and hassle-free at reasonable prices. These five VIP flight experiences cut the stress out of business travel.

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6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Post-Event Surveys

Participant engagement is a vital part of every meeting and conference, but the focus is too often placed on engagement before and during the meeting, rather than after. A comprehensive approach to post-event engagement can strengthen relationships with participants and improve every aspect of future events.

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