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How to Navigate Extreme Weather While Traveling

Earlier this fall, hurricanes Irma and Harvey left millions in need of a reliable and immediate travel solution. Now, with the unpredictable holiday season fast approaching, the importance of understanding how best to navigate the travel landscape when faced with extreme weather conditions is at an all-time high. Whether experiencing unexpected weather, a flight cancellation…

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annual sales kick off

How to Plan an Awesome Annual Kick-Off Meeting

It’s getting to be that time of year again. You know, the one where sales and sales enablement leaders—who strategically use resources to improve a team’s productivity and increase revenue—are planning annual kick-off meetings. And it’s no small task. In addition to the logistics of selecting a destination, blocking rooms and finding meeting space, there’s…

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sustainable to ask dining catering

What to Ask Your Caterer or Hotel About Sustainable Dining

Sustainable. Farm to table. Local. Buzzwords, or baloney? There’s no doubt groups today increasingly want to know where their food comes from—how it was raised, and where it was raised. And the trend toward fostering wellness as well as productivity in meetings continues. So, experts say it is increasingly incumbent upon planners to parse the…

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Storm Disruption Contingency Planning

Partner with suppliers on next steps The impact that the 2017 hurricane season had on the meetings and incentive industry in the United States and the Caribbean is deep and lasting. It’s now clear that more than a few destinations in the Caribbean were hit hard enough that their hotel and resort inventory won’t be…

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punctual airlines

Which Airlines and Airports are Most Punctual?

Meeting and event planners are well-aware that time is money, and that arriving late can completely throw off an otherwise successful function. Alas, when travel is involved, even more factors are at play. You might hustle to the airport early, only to catch your breath and discover your flight’s been delayed. It’s not only an…

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9 Buzzword Alternatives

Buzzwords are irritating—plain and simple. Whether you’re writing up an event program, blog post or even just a Tweet, it’s time to showcase fresh terms.

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best even speaker price

6 Tips for Getting the Best Speaker Possible at the Best Price

Close your eyes and imagine you are in charge of your organization’s annual meeting. It’s going to be a big affair. You’ve decided to get an outside speaker or two, and you want to make sure you get the right speakers for your meeting, at the right price. From experience, you know that some speakers…

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manage rising event costs

How to Manage Rising Event Costs

The niche between the proverbial rock and a hard place that event professionals often inhabit could be even cozier in the coming year, according to the results of a new American Express Meetings & Events study. The 2018 Global Meetings and Events Forecast surveyed 600 event professionals and found that at the same time group…

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mystery trip fun

Enrich Events with Something Unpredictable

Who can resist the allure of a mystery? This is exactly what experiential event planning company Mystery Trip is founded on. Dave Green, chief mysterious officer/creator (how cool!), discussed the revolutionizing new way to take groups on an adventure. Green says, “It makes me really happy to show people a good time. It’s not trust…

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careful anxiety

How Event Professionals Can Help Ease an Anxious World

Today, event professionals need to be more aware of how they use language and how guests may receive that message. To help attendees feel more comfortable, experts suggest being open and transparent in all communication, while incorporating positive and clear language in your messages. Per, anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental…

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