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Creative Ways to Negotiate Resort Fees

As the sky has become the limit when it comes to hotel amenities—think professional sports team-level gyms and gourmet wine and cheese tasting in the lobby—more properties are adding resort and, now, urban fees to their bills at checkout. But those charges, which are often listed as redeemable for drinks in the bar, dry cleaning, Wi-Fi or faxing, are not set in stone. Some planners are finding that proactively addressing these charges up front can save them, and their guests, from surprises later.

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Insights in Company Culture from Fortune’s Top 100 Places to Work

What makes for good company culture? Generous bonuses? Top products? Snacks? Answering this million-dollar question is even more important for event planners who rely on quality employees in a tight hospitality job market. Companies offering a positive atmosphere attract and then develop their prime talent. Suggesting, success requires an ongoing examination of what’s happening internally….

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7 Tips to Hire Your Best Event Staff Yet

As an event planner, you’ve become accustomed to taking on many challenges, from catering to music to decor. For your next event, you’ve worked out most details on your own, but the destination offers its own event staff. It sounds like a relief—that is, until your event comes, and the staff you’re counting on doesn’t…

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4 Tips for Making Incentive Travel Meaningful

 Rewarding sales success is one of the few universally accepted rules for ensuring continued high performance. While an Aberdeen Research study showed that all top companies offer group travel incentives, programs are evolving along with shifts in the meetings industry to focus more on unique experiences and wellness.

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How to Negotiate Like an Event Boss

As expectations for extravagant meetings balloon and budgets shrink, event professionals need to wring every drop of value they can out of their resources. One of the biggest expenses is always venue, so we asked the experts for their secrets to make every penny count when partnering with properties. No surprise, just about everything is open to negotiation if you know how to ask.

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