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Planner #Goals from Kate Spade

Designer Kate Spade, who died this week, catered to the modern woman. The vibrant hues, clean lines and bold colors in her handbags, shoes, throw pillows and pen holders echoed her approach to life. This summer, embrace the energy, fun and fashion of Kate Spade at your events.

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Fashion Meets Function on the Meetings Circuit

Meeting professionals are expected to be a walking office-supply closet. And when a coordinator is busy juggling registration, swag bags, attendees, catering, entertainment and vendors, there is no time to drop everything to grab a paper clip or a pair of scissors from a hotel suite. One solution to this preparedness problem could be that de rigeuer accessory of the ‘80s: a fanny pack.

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Ultra Violet, Ultra Cool

Smart Meetings could have guessed that ultra violet would be named Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018. It’s a color we love and feature frequently within our magazine, digital media and events. Here’s how you, too, can add this super shade of purple to your world.

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Experiential Marketing and YOU

Experiential marketing is on fire right now as a trendy topic for breakout sessions and as a budget item. But what does the increased emphasis on blending a human experience with a marketing goal mean to event professionals?

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