illustration of woman walking with luggage next to a life-sized phone with an image of the earth and modern tourist attractions

Essential List: Top International Travel Apps of 2022

Whether you’re planning an event abroad or preparing to attend one, we’ve compiled a list of the top international travel apps right now.

A businessman working on a laptop in the desert, representing remote work.

Forever Remote: Event Central

An Asian woman looking at her phone, representing evolving technology

Smart Tech: Room Diagramming Software Demystified

Event Technology

A person in a lab coat explains the data on a projector to a small group of people

Smart Tech: The 20% Difference

Performance artist and painter John Bukaty posing in front of a mural with paintbrushes between his fingers

Q&A with John Bukaty on the Intersection of Art, Music and Gathering

Painter and performance artist John Bukaty reveals his motivation, process and how to create meaningful art experiences at events.