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My Event Tech Checklist

When it comes to event technology, event tech correspondent Brandt Krueger takes the approach of getting the exact right tool for the job, rather than the one "that'll do." Here's his event tech checklist, which may be a little different than you'd expect.

A 3D render representing event tech.

The Intersection of Event Tech and Design

A businessman working on a laptop in the desert, representing remote work.

Forever Remote: Event Central

An Asian woman looking at her phone, representing evolving technology

Smart Tech: Room Diagramming Software Demystified

Event Technology

A person in a lab coat explains the data on a projector to a small group of people

Smart Tech: The 20% Difference

engaged employees in a hybrid meeting

8 Engagement Tips for Your Next Hybrid Event

A person writing a checklist in a planner

Out of Practice: Getting Back on the Event Bicycle

In-person meetings are reemerging for many, but we've been out of the habit. Here's how to keep a proper checklist and reenter with grace.