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In Smart Meetings' August issue, don't miss how to "trek gloriously" according to travel trendsetters and make the overall journey more enjoyable. We also talk to industry veterans about trends in medical and pharmaceutical meetings.

This issue also explores the beautiful South Korea as well as adventurous Washington D.C., new experiences in Northern California, and the natural beauty of Orange County. We also grasp the concept of blockchain, help with negotiating salaries, and explain why choosing a greener hotel matters.

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Just Press Go: How All-Inclusives Can Exclude Worry for Planners

A la carte menus can add up, and travel expenses often include hidden fees. Thus the popularity of prix fixe menus and cruise ships. Managing expenses is a challenge for planners, too—ever have an eye-bulging reaction after being handed the hotel bill? The solution may be booking an all-inclusive resort to host your organization’s gathering.

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The Ground Shifts Yet Again for Medical Meetings

For meeting and event planners, the most consistent element of their job is change. The vast majority of planners understand this, and simply expect that they will have to adapt some elements in the weeks, days and hours ahead of an event. In one segment of the meetings and events business, the medical and pharmaceutical niche, changes often come many months in advance, though. This shouldn’t make other planners envious, because these changes have huge consequences for the way a medical/pharma event must be run, the quality of the attendee experience, and the satisfaction of exhibitors and sponsors.

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9 Influencer-Approved Tips for Planning Picture-Perfect Trips

Instagram travel blogger Tara Whiteman, who shares the beauty of travel with her million Instagram followers as Tara Milk Tea, takes a planner’s approach to exploring the world. The 23-year-old Australian model and designer curates colorful photos of exotic locations to show off the beauty found all over the world. She takes a strategic approach to preparing photo shoots and travel. Smart Meetings reached her when she was home, briefly, in Sydney and asked her for her favorite travel tips for adventures you won’t regret.

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Luxe Life: 12 Rules for a Gilded Journey

Being on the road doesn’t have to mean roughing it. Veteran hospitality professional and global luxury hotel expert Tiffany Dowd shares the world’s best travel and lifestyle destinations on Instagram as @LuxeTiffany. “My job as an influencer is not about boasting about the incredible places I’ve been, but to show you something in such a way that you are inspired to visit yourself,” she says.

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2018 Travel Trends and Tips Revealed

Event professionals are the elite forces of the road-warrior class. They jet from conference center to resort, executive retreat to office, performing advance reconnaissance, erecting trade-show camps where only concrete lay before, and generally bringing people together to solve problems and do business. As frequent—and valuable—as this travel can be, it comes with challenges. We asked Smart Meetings readers to share their secrets for hitting the ground running.

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Take a Seat: Upcoming Changes to Airplane Seats

You are not imagining it. To increase profitability, airlines have reduced seat size and legroom in coach to squeeze in more passengers. The evolution of airplane seats does not end there, however. Some innovations on the way may leave you cocking your head, squinting your eyes and saying, “Really?!?” With others, you’ll be thanking the inventors and saying, “Finally! It’s about time.”

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Global Healthy Eats With Flavorful Charm

Who doesn’t love the tantalizing, exotic flavors of Thai, Chinese, Indian and other “ethnic” cuisine? But because most such eateries in this country are humble, family-run and—let’s be honest—dirt cheap, we’ve come to assume that we need to check our usual standards for organic, humanely raised, sustainably fished and locally produced menu ingredients at the door.

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Why Choosing a Greener Hotel is Never an “Oh, Well…”

Overheard at a conference recently: “Oh, well, everybody in the hotel world is green these days, so that doesn’t figure into my decision-making anymore.” Excuse me, but that’s a bit like saying we’re all Americans, so it doesn’t matter if we vote. When it comes to politics and sustainability, every vote still counts.

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What is Blockchain and Why Should Event Planners Care?

Blockchain offers the exciting opportunity to manage electronic cash without a central administrator. Based on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, it uses a distributed database, so no central entity, government or bank manages the transaction. Instead, it is handled by thousands of volunteer-run computers (nodes).

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How to Build Better Attendee Evaluations to Determine Event ROI

Last month, we addressed how planners can become more hands-on in content creation and speaker preparation. But the only way to prove to executive stakeholders the value the planner added is by effectively measuring the business benefit of that event’s formal and informal sessions.

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