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In Smart Meetings' June issue, don't miss the announcement of the illustrious Smart Stars winners! We also tackle the modern marvels of the hospitality industry and which hotels turn up the "wow" factor.

In this issue, we also explore the vibrant Los Angeles, the historic Mid-Atlantic region, and the sun-kissed Mexican Pacific coast. We also discuss budget-busting solutions for doing more with less, which cities on the rise, and more!

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Hack Your Event Budget

With costs rising faster than an express elevator to a penthouse welcome reception—particularly in the areas of technology and food and beverage—planners have had to watch every penny. Use these hacks to make sure your budget dollars go the distance.

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Modern Marvels: Hotels Delivering 'Wow'

More than mere newness, true modernity pushes the boundaries of possibility. Whether the challenge is to impress an audience of discerning attendees or to help a city attract top-tier gatherings, there’s nothing like an upscale, service-oriented, of-the-moment hotel to amplify the buzz.

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2018 Smart Stars Award Winners

One of the most exciting annual celebrations at Smart Meetings is the unveiling of our Smart Stars Awards winners. These honors are particularly meaningful because they are selected by you—our discerning readers—based on your experiences all over the world.

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New Tech Speeds Up Airport Screening

Set up a time-lapse camera in just about any major airport and you’ll see thousands of passengers racing through the lobbies and terminals. Switching to the video feed of the security checkpoint, you won’t be surprised to see the movement come to an abrupt halt. Technology is helping travelers zip through, even without TSA PreCheck, Global Entry or Clear.

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The True Value of Incentive Travel

Meeting and incentive professionals will find lots to love in the Events Industry Council’s recently released Economic Significance of Meetings to the US Economy. The industry generates $325 billion for the U.S. economy. That is more than the contribution of the automotive, oil and gas, music and movie industries.

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Suitcase Superlatives: Best Carry-Ons, Checked Bags and More

With so many pieces of luggage on the market, making choices can be an ordeal. Our advice is to hone in on special features that can make travel a bit less of a hassle. Here are a few of the best options when picking a suitcase.

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A Fish Story: A Celebration of Ceviche

June 28 is National Ceviche Day. It might seem odd that a dish barely known in the United States a generation ago is now celebrated and consumed with gusto, in metro areas at least. Ceviche is practically the national dish of Peru, and across Latin America you’ll also see it spelled seviche and cebiche. Escabeche, which is Spanish for “marinade,” may be the origin word. In Peru it is often served with slices of cold sweet potatoes; in Ecuador, with popcorn, nuts or corn nuts; in Mexico, with sliced raw onions, cilantro, avocado and toasted tortillas.

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Women Leading at Big Apple Events

Old Blue Eyes said that if you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere. More women than ever seem to be making their way to the top of the hospitality industry in the city known for tall towers and tailored suits at the door.

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Drowning in Plastic

Photos of marine life entangled or dead because of plastic trash are easy to find on Google—more than 100 million marine animals die this way each year, according to Sea Turtle Conservancy. But planners can lead the way to healthier oceans through eco-friendly practices.

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How to Orchestrate a Spring Fling

For the following behind-the-scenes look at planning Vernal Equinox, a signature annual event at Bently Reserve (former Old Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco), Smart Meetings talked to Claire O’Neill, account executive for experience design, based in Entire Productions’ London office.

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The 411 on DMCs

DMCs, or destination management companes, are taking the burden off of planners to make events seamless with the local flair and flavor of the destination where their event or meeting is being held. So, what are DMCs, and how can they help?

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