Consider this your guide to a more sustainable, diverse, healthy and tasty future. We talked to experts to create roadmaps that will allow you to elevate your events, whether they are intimate board meetings or ballpark buy-outs. Plan on!


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The Diversity Among Us

Events Industry Council (EIC) has released the results of its 2022 Equity Benchmarking Study. What the survey reveals is widespread DEI dissatisfaction, among event professionals, minority groups and women.

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It’s a Small (Meetings) World After All

Although small meetings are no longer a necessity, Magdelena Bonnelly, owner/founder of Procurement Strategy Group, says the demand for them is now like water from an open faucet.

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The New Bottom Line

From workforce shortages to inflation worries, what should event planners be looking for when it comes to 2023 contracts? Dana Jackson, Bishop-McCann senior global sourcing manager, has some tips and…

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