The time for living, working and meeting authentically is now. That is why we asked Brene Brown-trained facilitators for tips on how to lead your team and welcome your guests with your whole heart. In fact, the August magazine takes a frank look at the topics impacting meeting professionals and attendees today—airline turbulence, war and an uneven return to events across the world.


health-care workers standing and clapping in front of hospital

Medical Meetings: Temperature Check

Many people worked from home during the pandemic. One group that didn’t is the medical community, it was also one of the first to return to in-person meetings.

3d illustration of world's most popular attractions sitting atop white airplane

Flight Plan

Bumpy airlines schedules, flight cancellations and delays are causing disruptions for event profs and the population at large. This is not over weather but over something potentially even more ominous—staffing…

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Partner Your Way Through the Post-pandemic Surge

Post-pandemic supply chain shortages and weak staffing have resulted in difficult times for event profs. But here’s how you can get creative.

over-the-shoulder angle of one meeting with five colleagues and laughing in a conference room

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

There seems to be so much more to be worried about these days. Professionally and personally. All to the backdrop of a world seemingly going to Hades in a handbasket…

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