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In Smart Meetings' June issue, we announce the annual Smart Stars winners! You voted and the results are in. These properties and organizations are star-studded partners with event professionals.

This issue is packed with lots of information: how to save budgets with spending less and maintaining quality, dreamy convention centers that deliver and so much more. We also take a look at some stellar destinations like Mexico's Pacific Coast, redefining meetings in the Mid-Atlantic, leaving your heart in greater San Francisco and more.

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Split Personalities: A New Way to Hotel

Why you will learn to love multiple hotel brands under the same roof. Triple-branded properties have become increasingly common, trendy and cool.

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Don't Blow Up the Budget: How to Spend Less for More

Smart Meetings asked experts about their tricks for creating a phenomenal experience while spending a minimal amount of money.

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Smart Stars 2019: Meet Our Readers' Choice Winners

The dictionary definition of "best" as an adjective is: "of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality." See also: greatest, foremost, leading, preeminent, premier, prime, supreme, unsurpassed, peerless, optimum, ideal, perfect. For event professionals, choosing the best property, supplier or partner means fewer last-minute surprises, more delight and less stress—all welcome outcomes.

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Apple’s New “Sign in with Apple” Could Disrupt Meetings Industry

By linking all these third-party apps to social media platforms, developers are cashing in on how much data is attached to your online persona, following you around the web—and in your pocket. Here's more about Apple's new privacy feature to prevent that.

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Your June Smart Style Has Arrived

This month, we’re honing in on the sweet start of summer with products and tools that will serve you and attendees poolside and office-side all season long.

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