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In Smart Meetings' May issue, don't miss the profile of Nobu Matsuhisa, the famous chef who has been called the culinary Madonna — due to being widely known by first name only. We dive into Matsuhisa's hospitality empire, which focuses on giving guests the best experience possible through creativity and authenticity.

In this issue, we also explore the cosmopolitan San Diego, sweet and savory Birmingham and Mobile in Alabama, the maker movement in New England, and the eastern Canadian cities of Quebec City, Montreal, and Toronto, among others. We also have a tech-filled issue this month, giving major tips on planning meetings for techies as well as digital upgrades to make your event productive.

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Upgrade Your Event with These Tech Innovations

 Meeting planners manage approximately 12,647 details throughout the year. And with each passing year, more of them are related to technology. Tech now helps planners engage attendees before the in-person event; assists attendees as they participate in the event; and continues this interaction with attendees, while also facilitating interaction between attendees, after the event.

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Meeting 2.0: 7 Tips for Planning a Meeting for a Techie Crowd

Every industry has its own distinct flavor, as any meeting planner can tell you. A human resources convention does not have the same feeling as a motorcycle trade show, and you are not likely to confuse a gathering of milk farmers with a boardroom full of bankers. But the technology industry—with its roots in Silicon Valley—might have the most unique culture of all.

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Chefs and Planners Weigh In on 2018 F&B Trends

What’s hot, and what’s not? How can planners wow their groups on a budget? We pulled some of America’s top chefs aside and got them to spill on this year's hottest trends.

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Living Kokoro, Delivering Omotenashi

For 10 months a year, he travels. And from Athens to Kuala Lumpur, from Moscow to Dubai, from Budapest to Beijing, there will be a white chef’s coat waiting. He slips it on, and over his heart, in simple black embroidery, is his name. Nobu Matsuhisa.

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SM Northwest Welcomes Bright Future

What is your vision of the future? Gazing into your personal crystal ball may be more important than you think, according to futurist Glen Hiemstra, kickoff speaker at Smart Meeting Northwest and author of Millennial City: How a New Generation Can Save the Future.

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Preparing for a Leaner Commission World

The news that Hilton Hotels & Resorts will follow Marriott International in cutting commissions to third-party planners from 10 to 7 percent was met with a combination of groans, sobs and anger. That was followed by announcements from groups offering to help transition to what many are acknowledging is the new reality.

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How You ‘Move’ Through Life Affects Everything

Right now, whether you are aware of it or not, your body is adjusting to meet the demands of the moment. That could mean shifting positions in your seat to get more comfortable while reading this article.

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Catch Your May Smart Style

These seven gifts are sure to put a spring in your step and open up the world of summer. You could even win one of the products!

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Meet You at the Beach House

A 60-pound fish can nearly pull a grown man into the sea. How do I know that? Because I watched as one of our party of five on a deep-sea fishing outing—with Brad Cirino, director of sales for The Confidante Miami Beach—was yanked out of his swivel seat and almost into the Atlantic. Talk about a team-building moment! The rest of us rallied to his side, urging him to hang on and keep cranking his fishing reel.

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Sound Advice for Booking Acts

Event planners are always looking to make a lasting impression. Beyond a great keynote speaker and spirited breakout sessions, the entertainment portion of an event itinerary is a memorable moment waiting to happen—especially when a big-name musical act performs a private show for attendees.

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Fashion Meets Function on the Meetings Circuit

Meeting professionals are expected to be a walking office-supply closet. And when a coordinator is busy juggling registration, swag bags, attendees, catering, entertainment and vendors, there is no time to drop everything to grab a paper clip or a pair of scissors from a hotel suite. One solution to this preparedness problem could be that de rigeuer accessory of the ‘80s: a fanny pack.

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How to Avoid Tech Wreck

Tech wreck. Otherwise known as online addiction. Can we agree it’s a problem? Good. That’s the first step toward a better tomorrow. When it comes to smartphones, some 75 percent of Americans think the devices don’t affect their ability to pay attention in a group setting, according to Pew Research Center.

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Q&A with David Bruce, Founder of Meeting Planners Unite

Meeting Planners Unite started as a reaction to Marriott International—and two months later, to Hilton Hotels & Resorts—when these hospitality giants cut third-party planner commissions. But it has already become so much more. We caught up with the founder just after he was wrapping up a conference call to ask a few questions, including where the industry goes next.

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Projection Mapping Turns Pixels into Art

Projection technology has been used for decades in meetings by projecting a film or presentation onto a white screen. Now, projection mapping, also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality, brings visuals to life in a 3-D world. The food and beverage, tourism, entertainment and sports industries are just a few of the businesses using projection mapping to bring new experiences to guests.

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