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3 Reasons to Plan for Eastern Canada

Eastern Canada might not always be a top-of-mind choice for U.S.-based meeting planners, but this region offers a remarkable array of options for memorable gatherings. The pairing of a distinctly European vibe with Canadian friendliness is enticing enough, yet add in a favorable exchange rate and tax-rebate program for foreign conventions and planners have plenty…

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Site Inspection: Ski In and Ski Out of Meetings in Aspen

Winter, spring, summer and fall—as the James Taylor song goes—the mountain city of Aspen, Colorado seems straight out of a painting. On a FAM trip hosted by Aspen Chamber Resort Association in September, Smart Meetings got to witness the beautiful fall foliage in the Rockies. Originally settled by Ute Indians, this former mining town morphed into a ski retreat for the rich and famous. Now, it’s an all-year destination with something for everyone.

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Phoenix & Scottsdale: Diamonds in the Desert

The region encompassing metropolitan Phoenix is the fastest-growing in America. It has been for several decades. In fact, there’s really no way to describe this growth other than “eye-popping.” Exactly how eye-popping? Well, metro Phoenix had about 3.2 million people in 2000. When the next census rolls around in two years, that number may approach 5 million.

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