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vegan cities

Top 5 Cities on the Vegan Bandwagon

Ever since Netflix released the documentary What the Health? last March, more and more people have been jumping on the vegan bandwagon. This diet’s defining rule is that all animal products are prohibited—which makes it a challenging regimen to follow. Yet according to a report entitled “Top Trends in Prepared Foods in 2017” compiled by…

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Reining in the Bluegrass Spirit

Amid the rich bluegrass of Kentucky, adventure awaits. The “Land of Unbridled Spirit” is storied with centuries of legendary equestrian events and distilling perfection against a natural backdrop of thousands of miles of rivers, hiking trails and…

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5 Lessons in All-Inclusive Luxury

Or, why it matters who does it all From the first moment, you know you’re in the hands of pros. Maybe it’s the upbeat rock that pulsates just loudly enough through the high-ceiled lobby. Or the made-to-order craft cocktail quickly set before you. Or that ineffable feeling of having arrived. Just a few months old,…

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Experience Great Britain

Great Britain is perennially a top meetings destination, with its intriguing cities, magnificent landscapes and congenial hosts. The most prominent cities feature unparalleled historic structures and sites, which provide an interesting and compelling contrast to cutting-edge hotels,…

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wine meeting

How to Plan an Intoxicating Central Coast Wine Meeting

What can be a more perfect pairing for a team-building meeting than coastal scenery with a sparkling glass of vino? Luckily, California’s Coast is well-stocked with some of the best wine-tasting in the world, and some of the most interesting places to do it. Here are eight places that can host your group for sipping…

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4 Helpful Tips for Americans Traveling to Turkey

Americans flying to Turkey could face difficulties now that the United States and Turkey have temporarily stopped issuing visas to each other’s citizens. Many questions have arisen, and answers have been provided: U.S. residents can’t come to Turkey if they don’t have a visa and need to apply for it in person, because currently, it…

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friendliest cities

Top 5 Friendliest Cities in the World

These cities are among the top-rated in most “world’s friendliest cities” articles. Maybe one of these fine locales can be the next place you plan your event, or visit on a personal trip.

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Salt Lake City is a Modern Meetings Magnet

On July 4, 1847, when Brigham Young said, “This is the place,” he saw Salt Lake Valley as a haven for his persecuted Mormon followers. But he most likely never foresaw it would one day become an…

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