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Makers in New England: The Handmade’s Tale

Ever wonder what happened to the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker? They’ve all escaped the nursery rhyme and gone to Maker Faire! What is a maker? In broad terms, it is anyone who makes things. “Whether it’s a baker preparing small batches for the corner coffee shop, or a local hardware manufacturer that’s working towards their first big supplier contract, makers are the small but mighty entrepreneurs that help build innovation economies and create vibrant neighborhoods,” says Lee Wellington, executive director for Urban Manufacturing Alliance.

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Indy WEC

15 Places to Go While in Indy for MPI WEC

When thousands of event professionals start lining up in Indy for MPI’s World Education Conference (WEC18) in June, they are going to have busy calendars. Hopefully, many will also explore Indiana’s capital city. Here are tips on everything from where to get the best cup of coffee to the best place to watch the sunset.

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san juan islands

San Juan Island Offers Exciting Adventures

Perhaps your idea of an island meeting is less tropical and more whale-watching, biking and hiking, with a stroll along a picturesque harbor or a sea-kayaking adventure. If that’s the case, consider San Juan Island, the second-largest of the San Juan Islands, just off the coast of Washington State.

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Meet You at the Beach House

A 60-pound fish can nearly pull a grown man into the sea. How do I know that? Because I watched as one of our party of five on a deep-sea fishing outing—with Brad Cirino, director of sales for The Confidante Miami Beach—was yanked out of his swivel seat and almost into the Atlantic. Talk about a team-building moment! The rest of us rallied to his side, urging him to hang on and keep cranking his fishing reel.

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Immerse Yourself in Eastern Canada

The Eastern Canadian cities of Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto offer planners a cornucopia of outstanding choices when planning group itineraries. Each satisfies even the most discriminating planners’ wish lists—rich history, tantalizing culinary options, fabulous attractions, world-class hotels and other superb meeting spaces. The choices can be narrowed down for groups seeking hyper-local experiences—including themed attractions—that are central to the cities’ identities.

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