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Connecticut and Rhode Island: Inspired by History

The long, fascinating histories of Connecticut and Rhode Island are a major draw to meeting groups and tourists, and can be experienced in many ways, including visits to museums and famous sites. They can also be cultivated in the many historic hotels and other structures found throughout the states, from rural areas to major cities.

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California Road Trip

California’s love affair with the car is as storied as its scenic meeting destinations. Now that Highway 1 has completely reopened, offering frontseat views of the Pacific Ocean, Smart Meetings asked Visit California President and CEO Caroline Beteta and local destination experts to share some of the can’t-miss attractions up and down the coastal state.

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New & Renovated: Multimillion-Dollar Renovations

As a way for properties to meet the tech and design expectations of today’s groups and other guests, hotels are constantly reinventing themselves. Although reinvention is exciting, it can be a long process, not to mention the immense amounts of money involved. Here is an appreciation of renovations where a not-so-small number was invested. More: New…

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