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Winter Olympic Eats Delight and Inspire

Culinary planners at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games are not keeping it safe—in a good way. Early reports show they are exceeding expectations when it comes to the cuisine offered to nearly 8,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes and officials in PyeongChang.

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The Well-Being Wars

There I was, on the battle’s front line. My coordinates: room 1664, Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco. Outside, all seemed calm. In fact, the view was lovely. But inside, I shuddered involuntarily and began to check my gear. Medicine balls, 4 to 6 pounds. Sandbells, 8 to 20 pounds. TRX suspension system. Bosu ball. Powerbands. Yoga mat. More stuff I couldn’t readily identify. And there, dominating and powerful-looking, was the mighty Wattbike, a stationary bicycle used by Olympic athletes.

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Navigating a Red-Hot Hotel Market

 There’s no getting around it: For 2018 and likely for 2019, as well, the sellers’ market will remain in full force. According to industry analyst STR, revenue per available room (RevPAR) for hotels has risen for 30 consecutive quarters, due to a combination of rising occupancy rates and rising average daily rate (ADR). And even though the number of new guest rooms rose by more than 1.5 percent in 2017 and will do so again in 2018—well above the historical average—demand from transient business travelers, leisure travelers and groups alike is so strong that occupancy rates likely won’t decline, but simply flatten out at just above 70 percent nationwide.

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damage control

The 4 Essentials for Event Damage Control

No matter how much you plan, there will always be obstacles at an event. While you can’t predict every roadblock, establishing a plan for damage control will facilitate a swift and smooth recovery. Here are the most common mistakes when diffusing a situation and how you can improve them. 1. Delaying a Response Fix: Get…

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The Future Belongs to Perennials

Stop worrying about millennials. That’s the advice of meetings veteran Mike Dominguez for event professionals struggling to design gatherings relevant to a new generation of attendees. As chief sales officer for MGM Resorts International, he has seen a lot of approaches to engaging people, and he has learned that the year on a birth certificate is less relevant than the measure of how they connect in person and on social media.

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5 Hotels Serving Mighty Meat

Vegans and vegetarians, kindly avert your glance. Even as meeting attendees clamor for ever-more healthy dining and chefs find new ways to deliver huge flavor with plant-based creations, counterpoint is inevitable. It’s a yin and yang thing—so here are five hotels delivering mighty meat.

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