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Live Music—Just What the Doctor Ordered

Heading to the box office may be bad for your wallet, but excellent news for your health. Results from a scientific study claim that a concert-goer’s life expectancy can be extended by almost a decade by jamming out at gigs every other week. “Our research showcases the profound impact gigs have on…”

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5 Fabulous San Francisco Rooftop Bars

If you want to venture beyond your hotel to a rooftop bar/restaurant, consider these five popular spots in San Francisco that earn raves from residents. All have private event opportunities that still capture the local vibe.

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All Secure: Best Practices for Protecting Attendees

Within minutes of a gunman entering Washington Navy Yard on a Monday morning in September 2013, Walter E. Washington Convention Center, 3 miles away, was already on high alert. That is because the 2.3 million-square-foot facility in the nation’s capital is part of the Mayor’s Special Events Task Force Group, which includes local law enforcement and Federal Emergency Management Agency, and has a direct line alerting staff of incidents that occur before they hit the social media boards. Doors were locked, the planner managing an event on site was notified, and the situation was monitored until an hour later, when it was confirmed that the shooter, who had taken the lives of 12 people that day, was dead and had acted alone. Most of the attendees were not aware of the emergency until they heard about it on the news.

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10 Trends to Consider When Planning a Meeting at Sea

There really is no time like the present to do something new, something you’ve thought about for a while, such as a meeting or incentive at sea. Just as the land-based hospitality industry is enjoying strong growth, the cruise industry is also vigorous.

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4 Trends Rocking Financial and Insurance Incentives

 Aside from the pharmaceutical sector, perhaps, no other industry is as highly regulated as financial services and insurance. While the regulatory changes are often aimed at protecting consumers, they can have a ripple effect in operations within these firms—including their meetings and incentives.

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