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In this special virtual resource, The Complete Smarties Guide to Mastering the Return to Meetings, we cover everything you need to know to thrive now and in the future. From contracts and room set-ups to F&B, hybrid meetings and diversity/inclusion, these are the best practices you need now. Bookmark it today and you will be armed for walking back in the ballroom like a boss.


Back to Work Basics

APEX COVID-19 Business Recovery Taskforce leaders share insights on planning meetings during a pandemic.

hybrid meeting

It’s a Hybrid Life

Navigate event tech and hybrid meetings like a pro with tips from #EventsIcon and Event Leadership Institute instructor Brandt Krueger.


The Complete Smarties Guide to Mastering the Return to Meetings

The Complete Smarties Guide covers everything from protocols, pandemic-proof contracts, realistic room setups, virtual engagement tips and F&B to keeping yourself and your attendees—and the planet—healthy.

A COVID-19 Checklist for a Safe Event

Your COVID-19 checklist is here. Add these action items to your planning, based on CDC guidelines for events and other expert input.

How to Protect Ourselves—and Mother Nature

In our urgency to defeat the virus, collateral damage is being done to Mother Nature. Here’s how to combat the throw-away masks, cleaning chemicals and more.


Touchless (and Matchless) F&B

Learn how a kitchen can serve up elegant and touchless F&B amid the ongoing threat of a very contagious, potentially fatal respiratory disease.


Take Care: How an Expert Communicates During a Pandemic

Debra Fine, author of The Fine Art of Small Talk, has tips for how to message safely, compassionately and effectively during a pandemic.


Acing the Post-COVID Contract

The post-COVID contract will put greater emphasis on epidemic-like scenarios. Bookmark this guide to learn what you need to know.


Do Post-Pandemic Setups with Panache

Safety and sizzle are the goals. We’re showinig you how to tackle design, safety and elegance when creating post-pandemic meeting setups.


Safer Meeting Protocols

Finding the sweet spot between strict guidelines and practical solutions is a balancing act, but experts have crafted the code to safer meeting protocols.

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pandemic career business

Boss Life: How to Launch Yourself in a Pandemic

As hospitality professionals lose jobs due to cancelled events, many may turn to their side hustle to pay the rent. Here’s how to launch your boss career.

anh nguyen

Q&A with Anh Nguyen on Starting Things and Breaking Records

Anh Nguyen, Spark Event Management principal and instigator behind #GMIDGoesVirtual, shares her tips for breaking records and nailing virtual planning.

Your August 2020 Smart Style

Hand-picked decor and gifts for your attendees­—and you. This month, we’re featuring products that help keep you safe, healthy and chill.

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