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How to Plan a World-Changing Rally (Or, Lessons from the Year of the March)

You have heard of festivalization of conferences? The biggest trend in 2017 may have been the mainstreaming of marching. Eventbrite reported an almost 30 percent increase in activist events in the last 12 months, with almost twice as many people participating in rallies and protests as the year before. From the Women’s March in January…

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Evacuation Tips in Case of Fire Disaster

Fires raging in Southern California have already destroyed 1,000 structures. Tens of thousands of event attendees have been impacted as groups deal with air quality warnings and, in some cases, evacuation orders. We spoke with Julie Mauer, vice president of marketing for Silverado Resort and Spa, which evacuated during the Wine Country fires in October…

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How to Take the Risk out of Planning Events with the Federal Government

Up until 2012 when the media broke the Muffingate story and the scandal of the GSA Western Regional Conference changed everything, government meetings were considered a relatively recession proof base of business. Federal meetings almost singlehandedly bailed out the hospitality industry following the tragedy of 9/11. Since late 2012, I have been teaching The Future…

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How to Navigate Extreme Weather While Traveling

Earlier this fall, hurricanes Irma and Harvey left millions in need of a reliable and immediate travel solution. Now, with the unpredictable holiday season fast approaching, the importance of understanding how best to navigate the travel landscape when faced with extreme weather conditions is at an all-time high. Whether experiencing unexpected weather, a flight cancellation…

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annual sales kick off

How to Plan an Awesome Annual Kick-Off Meeting

It’s getting to be that time of year again. You know, the one where sales and sales enablement leaders—who strategically use resources to improve a team’s productivity and increase revenue—are planning annual kick-off meetings. And it’s no small task. In addition to the logistics of selecting a destination, blocking rooms and finding meeting space, there’s…

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careful anxiety

How Event Professionals Can Help Ease an Anxious World

Today, event professionals need to be more aware of how they use language and how guests may receive that message. To help attendees feel more comfortable, experts suggest being open and transparent in all communication, while incorporating positive and clear language in your messages. Per, anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental…

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Selling Unique Session Formats to Meeting Stakeholders

How to get buy-in from executives, presenters and attendees In our last column, we spoke with Kristi Sanders, CMM, director of Meeting Professionals International Academy, about different session formats designed to generate deeper learning. They do this by proactively drawing upon the intellect and experience of all session participants. The six formats we highlighted use…

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