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How to Plan Truly “Inspired” Experiences

Smart Meetings asked for tips on designing transformational moments from Andrew Webb, a partner at Inspired Learning Group, an organization dedicated to creating turnkey experiences that can lead to improved productivity, creativity and engagement for participants.

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8 Ways to Maximize Your Morning Meeting

Morning meetings are tough, even for the early bird. How can you combat the morning grogginess and make sure you start off on a productive note? We’ve compiled a list of ways to perk your group up and get your message across, no matter how sluggish the audience is.

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How to Throw the Best Goodbye Bash

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a repeated event comes to an end. Whether it’s due to a lack of attendance, budget cuts or unforeseen circumstances, a company or other sponsor may decide that the next event will be the last. Naturally, as an event planner, you’ll want to make this final curtain call unforgettable. Here’s how.

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How to Make Travel More Rewarding

Event professionals dominate the ranks of road warriors. That time in the sky, at the hotel and charging expenses can lead to deep reserves of loyalty points, but not all benefits are the same. Loyalty programs come with lots of requirements, and terms can change as fast as the weather. Making sure you are not missing out can be a job all by itself. We turned to experts for dos and don’ts for making the most of those hard-earned rewards.

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How to Integrate Southern Hospitality in a Meeting

In March, Visit Dallas invited a locally based company known for making people feel welcome 3,000 miles in the air—Southwest Airlines—to talk to the destination team on the ground about how to engage visitors in new ways. The program, tellingly called It’s Hospitality Y’All.

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6 Tips for Handling Social Media Feedback Like a Pro

Everyone uses social media now for marketing events. But what about the feedback you get from attendees during an event? People post about everything—and that includes how they are enjoying the venue, food, customer service and so on. Heed these six tips to stay on top of your social media throughout the day.

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9 Tricks for Packing Smarter

It’s hard to find a happy medium when packing for a trip. If you pack too much, a heavy bag is going to weight you down—both physically and mentally. Pack too little and you’ll be kicking yourself for not bringing that extra pair of flats. Business travel is even trickier. The belongings you take will…

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The Ultimate Road to CMP

The CMP is met with global recognition for excellence in the meeting, convention, exhibition and event industry.

Although we can’t assure you that the road will be easy, in fact we predict a few bumps along the way, we’re confident that you can handle it. Here’s a map of what to expect.

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Are You Vetting Your Speakers for Inappropriate Actions?

One of the oldest tricks in the event professional’s bag is booking a big-name speaker to get people in the seats. A little star power can be a powerful motivator for selling tickets or convincing people to stay until the last day of a conference. But they can bring baggage to the stage as well—in…

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