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3 Ways to Meet Green in NYC

One thing many visitors may not know about New York City is that the Big Apple is actually quite green. As NYC & Company prepares for the 10th annual Climate Week…

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Why Choosing a Greener Hotel is Never an “Oh, Well…”

Overheard at a conference recently: “Oh, well, everybody in the hotel world is green these days, so that doesn’t figure into my decision-making anymore.” Excuse me, but that’s a bit like saying we’re all Americans, so it doesn’t matter if we vote. When it comes to politics and sustainability, every vote still counts.

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Drowning in Plastic

Photos of marine life entangled or dead because of plastic trash are easy to find on Google—more than 100 million marine animals die this way each year, according to Sea Turtle Conservancy. But planners can lead the way to healthier oceans through eco-friendly practices.

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Green Meeting Resource Guide

Instead of Earth Day, we’re extending the annual holiday to encompass an entire week, highlighting how planners and the hospitality industry have created more opportunities to be more eco-friendly and sustainable.

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Top Trend: Preventing Food Waste at Events

As Americans, we waste enough food annually to feed the planet’s malnourished several times over, according to The Rockefeller Foundation. The average American household spends an estimated $1,500 to $2,000 a year on food never eaten. How can event planners prevent food waste while still wowing attendees?

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4 Eco-Conscious Convention Centers for Your Next Green Meeting

While it’s now common for convention centers to include sustainability initiatives in their operating policies, not all such programs are created equal. Planners in search of an environmentally responsible venue can book these convention centers with a clear eco-conscience.

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New Frontiers in Sustainability

Hotels and convention centers are pushing green meetings standards ever higher Gone are the days when a collection of recycling bins could pass for a sustainability program. Having long passed the buzzword phase, environmental responsibility concerns now permeate the business landscape, including the meetings and events industry. In the current climate, wastewater reuse and compost…

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Take It Outside: Four Reasons to Forego Happy Hour

Take It Outside: 4 Reasons to Forego Happy Hour

In competitive markets, showing employees they are appreciated and giving them time to connect away from the meeting room can be critical to retention and company success. That said, too often these moments are afterthoughts and the default becomes taking everyone around the corner for a drink. There is an alternative to the happy hour….

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Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Enjoy Birmingham’s Green Meeting Spaces

Arch at Birmingham Botanical Gardens Home to the Gardens of Collections, Gardens of Nature and Gardens of Culture, Birmingham Botanical Gardens is Alabama’s largest organic museum, with miles of tranquil paths and more than 30 creative outdoor sculptures. The gardens were voted the third-best free attraction in America by USA Today in 2016. Birmingham Botanical…

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