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Start the year strong with our special report on where 2023 meetings budgets are going. Plus, we explore advances in sustainability, accessible catering and tips for how to take the meeting to a higher elevation by sourcing mountain destinations.


illustration of sustainability concept, white building in background and green fields, windmills, and trees in the foreground

You Can Go Net Zero

“Net zero” is a term heard often these days. But how does one even get started on that road? Net Zero Carbon Events, the initiative to decarbonize the meetings industry…

white chefs hat on white background

The Joy of Inclusive Cooking

Roughly 10% of the adult population in the U.S. are impacted by food allergies, many of which are given the attention needed. More attention is being paid to dietary restrictions…

illustration of businesswoman floating in an air balloon above city looking out of a large microscope

2023 Meeting Budgets Headed Up!

Respondents in American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) Meetings & Events’ 2023 Global Meetings and Events Forecast are “very optimistic” about the future. Why? And, equally as important, where are they…

Grand Tetons peaks and their Reflections in Wyoming

New Heights for Meetings and Incentives

From the East Coast to the West Coast, the United States’ mountain meeting destinations offer their own specific identity and personality. Smart Meetings collected a sampling of cities across the…

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map of caesars properties around the united states, canada and the united arab emirates

Brand Update: Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment now operates 52 properties in the U.S., Canada and Dubai and includes 26 brands. Planners can enjoy a streamlined process that articulates to an extraordinary attendee experience.

three blindfolded businesspeople reaching out

Smart Tech: Surprise and Delight

Take a deep dive into “The Gastronomad Experience.” “What is that?” you ask. You’ll have to read on to find out. Event tech correspondent Brandt Krueger recently got a glimpse…

yellow boxed chart

A Good Conversation Can Shift the Direction of Change Forever

You are cordially invited to be part of a monthly interactive column focused on your ability to look and act beyond the now. This new column is based on the…

small bottle of booze dust

Say Goodbye to Hangovers: Smart Style

This January issue Smart Style includes a hydrating drink mixer, a smart suitcase you can track with your phone, a hat brand that supports therapy, and more.

The Dancers public sculpture at the Denver Performing Arts Complex at night time in Denver, Colorado.

Essential List: Meet with Artistic Flair

Art can spark new ideas and creativity in an individual and in a collaborative meeting. These nationally recognized art museums offer both art and event space for attendees to be…

black and white illustration of two faces pointing away from each other

Work Smart: Mental Health Checklist

According to a CareerCast study, the event planning industry is the fifth most stressful, and our industry has been on the “top 10 most stressful” list for the past 10…

image of julius robinson wearing black sport coat and white dress shirt

Smart Chat: Julius Robinson On Winning the War for Talent

We sat down with Marriott International Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Julius Robinson to find out how the largest global hospitality company is recruiting and managing the culture of a…

black and white image of worried woman grabbing her head

Healthy You: Coping with Uncertainty

Uncertainty is everywhere, so how do you cope? We caught up with life coach Daniel Mangena in Cabo San Lucas, in Baja Mexico, to discover his coping mechanisms for when…

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