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Start 2022 strong with all the resources you need to thrive in the new year. Starting with purposeful tips from motivation virtuoso Jade Simmons and a wellness check about the state of health on the road, you will be ready for whatever comes your way in the next 12 months. If our expert predictions are right, then your events could reach new highs this year.


A businessman working on contracting with a tablet and laptop

New Contract Essentials in an Ever-Changing Environment

Contracting in the current Covid climate is complex—everything feels unsettled, so it’s hard to know how to plan. McCoy tells how to navigate.

A laptop sitting on a table outside

4 Ways the Office Is Becoming More Sustainable

We’re back in office. So, it’s good news the wave of sustainable practices in the office is more than just a fad.

A person writing a checklist in a planner

Out of Practice: Getting Back on the Event Bicycle

In-person meetings are reemerging for many, but we’ve been out of the habit. Here’s how to keep a proper checklist and reenter with grace.

An open books with a pair of brown glasses on top. A shelf behind holds more books

6 Page-Turners for Meeting Professionals

Good books keep you searching for the next word and leaves you smarter than before. Meeting planners are finding meaning in these reads.

Performance artist and painter John Bukaty posing in front of a mural with paintbrushes between his fingers

Q&A with John Bukaty on the Intersection of Art, Music and Gathering

Painter and performance artist John Bukaty reveals his motivation, process and how to create meaningful art experiences at events.

Two climbers on the side of Mount Everest, an incredibly hard mountain to climb

Mountain Meetings Deliver Peak Results

Meeting professionals move the discussion to a higher plane as elevated experiences grow more popular among remote executive leaders.

Several plates of healthy food

Check In for Holistic Wellness

In the past two years, hotels have made improvements to food, beverage, spa and fitness offerings in the name of holistic wellness. Here’s a closer look at the “why” and…

The interior of a plane's cockpit looking over rolling hills

Indicator Lights: 2022 Industry Predictions

Experts cite the data points they are following and what the patterns are predicting for 2022!

Jade Simmons posing on the side of a grand piano wearing a black dress

Jade Simmons: Plan on Purpose

Musician, author and motivational speaker Jade Simmons, the face of our January 2022 cover, has touched hearts through a mix of virtuoso performances, powerful straight talk and a little bit…

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A man leaning out of his white car and shouting

Say No to Anger

In one minute a day, you can hardwire your brain to make healthy mental choices, and live more peacefully. More tips (and how) here.


Spa Scrumptious!

January is when thoughts turn to rejuvenation. A brand-new year to adopt healthier habits and do the right thing by our bodies. In short, it’s time to spa. And at…

kate patay

Smart Style with Influencer Kate Patay

Hand-picked gift ideas for the new year that your attendees—and you—will cherish from Smart Style Ambassador Kate Patay. Tweet us your faves at @smartmeetings.

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