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In Smart Meetings’ October issue, don’t miss our cover story about the science of motivation! Maritz Behavioral Officer Charlotte Blank discusses what makes your employees (and other people!) tick. We also dive into the secret life of your attendee’s brain, helping you master the physics of face-to-face encounters.

This issue explores gorgeous Western Europe (including London, Edinburgh and Dublin), the unsung attractions of New Jersey, yummy Orlando and so much more! We are packed with destinations in this issue. We also tackle delicious macaroni and cheese across the country, lessons learned from the biggest incentive travel survey ever, tech survival kits and much, much more!

Smart Meetings is an event planning publication covering meetings, industry news, including expert opinions and interviews, topical articles, coverage of destinations and venues in the U.S and worldwide, and features stories on incentive, corporate, government and association meetings.


Secret Life of Your Attendee’s Brain

Here is what science says is actually happening in that ballroom—and how you can make sure all the right synapses are firing.

Runway Dreams: Airport Hotels You May Never Want to Check Out of

Ugh. Stuck at the airport. Maybe there’s a hotel—but it’ll be drab. It’ll scream with jet engines in the middle of the night. Not at these airport hotels.

Your Ultimate CVB and DMO Matching Tool

Match your group’s needs with the vibe and resources that fit your checklist. You don’t need an app. Just keep this reference tool handy for inspiration.

What Would You Do? Ethical and Moral Quandaries in the Meetings Industry

“What would you do?” It’s a question we ponder every time we encounter a situation where the questionable behavior of others beckons us to make a choice: get involved and…

The Science of Motivation: Why Cash Isn’t Always King

Charlotte Blank can predict how you would react if someone offered you $500. Better than you can, in fact. That’s because Maritz’s chief behavioral officer understands your emotional triggers. This…

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Celebration of Living: 50th Anniversary Event Shines Even After First Responders Arrive

For insights into how to honor a special life, Smart Meetings talked to Kevin Cohee, CEO of Sacramento-based Do an Event agency.

Healthy World: Vertical Forests

A recent trend in green architecture—forest buildings, also known as vertical forests—cover buildings in living, breathing green.

Tech Essentials for Planners

The team at Aventri knows planners are forever on the go. To help you maintain your sanity, they’ve created this curated list of tech essentials.

Q&A with Nick Borelli on Social and Live Event Strategies

Nick Borelli, president of Borelli Strategies in Cleveland, shares his best practices for social media and spicing up live events.

Tips to Keep Women Secure on the Road

Generally, women feel more vulnerable than men while traveling solo and are wary of certain destinations, according to a study by GBTA and WWStay.

Nip & Tuck: Elegance Reborn

From historic bones, new luxury is cast, with four stunningly elegant—and recently renovated—in New Orleans, Chicago, Portland, Oregon and Massachusetts.

With Love, Macaroni ‘N’ Cheese

Here are a few mouthwatering examples of America’s favorite comfort food—baked macaroni slathered in melty cheese and a creamy sauce.

Lessons from the Biggest Incentive Travel Survey Ever

Results from the industry’s first joint study of the incentive travel industry found that budgets are increasing, but cost-management is a priority.

How to Add WeHo Glam to Any Corporate Event

Even the most serious business meeting can be improved with a touch of West Hollywood (WeHo) style. Smart Meetings visited the capital of Anything Goes.

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