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In Smart Meetings' May issue, we spring into technology! We dive into tech surrounding the meetings industry, covering the tech conferences they'll want to attend. We also take a glimpse into the trends of hotel bars, wowing attendees and cocktail aficionados alike.

This issue is packed with amazing destination inspiration from Eastern Canada tasting and celebrating the world to a Texas culinary explosion in Austin and San Antonio. We also take a look at using titles to grow your career, mastering your contracts, and so much more!

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Gaming Properties Offer Over-the-Top Treatment

Here are some ways you can take advantage of what gaming properties have to offer to give your VIPs the high-roller treatment.

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Tech Conferences That Wow Attendees

Knowing what makes a good tech conference a successful one has a lot to do with knowing how to meet the distinct needs of attendees.

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How to Event Tech Like a Pro

What is the biggest, fattest, hairiest tech problem keeping Smart Meetings readers up at night? According to a new reader survey, attendee communication tops the list, with 51 percent calling it out as a major challenge.

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Cheers: Trends and Traditions in Hotel Bars

Name a famous hotel meeting room. No offense to those spaces where we spend so many important hours, but they tend to be remembered for what planners bring to them rather than for themselves. Now name a famous hotel bar. Ahhh, that’s a different story. Hotel bars, in fact, have unending stories.

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Make the Most of Your May Smart Style

This month, we feature comfortable, practical and delicious products to help attendees and you make the most of your May.

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Case Study: Building a Better Onboarding Meeting

Introducing new employees to a company’s way of operating is a critical job. Smart Meetings sat down with Megan Faretta, regional training coordinator for Turner Construction Company, which onboards as many as 1,000 new employees every year, to talk about a meeting that ventured into uncharted territory.

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Master Win-Win Negotiations for Your Contracts

Contracts are legally binding agreements between two parties that help ensure services are performed, eliminate miscommunication and spell out options in the event of a disagreement. But writing them can be a tricky business.

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Spice Up Your F&B With Plant Love

With today’s ever-growing interest in wellness and healthy eating, elevating veggies to much more than an afterthought is a challenge increasingly being taken up by chefs.

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Using Titles and Certifications to Your Advantage

When determining how to present yourself and your brand, one of the very first things to decide is what title to put on your business card. This seemingly simple description can represent how you see yourself—and affect how your potential clients and partners see you.

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LEDs Bring a Light Touch

 The right lighting can change everything. Event strategist Kate Patay calls illumination “one of the most dramatic and cost-effective ways to transform an event space.”

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Modern Wellness is Having a Moment

In our busy, challenging world, we tend to obsess over the new. The latest tech gadget. The newest fad diet. It’s understandable why. But as the saying goes, everything old is new again. And that helps to explain why a 5,000-year-old healing and wellness system is having its moment now.

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