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In Smart Meetings’ April issue, we celebrate Global Meetings Industry Day! We tackle why a celebration of our trillion-dollar industry matters more than ever. We revisit the Meetings Mean Business Coalition and what caused its inception, in addition to the effects that MMB has had on the industry as a whole.

We also dive into cruise meetings and how to navigate through choices offered for groups. Don’t miss our feature surrounding the issues of security and the need for planners to be proactive. We also explore the vast, bohemian Dakotas, attractive upstate New York, marvelous Arizona, and so much more.

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Call to Action: Security Threats Require Planners to be Proactive

The meetings industry has been busy improving existing security measures and adding new ones. Enhanced awareness of these developments is imperative.

Navigating in Open Waters with Cruise Meetings

When Amy Robb, meeting group broker at Meetings Made Easy, was charged with rewarding 75 high-achievers with an incentive meeting that would be memorable, she suggested a cruise on Celebrity…

How to Care and Nurture the Future of the Global Economy

The strategic importance of bringing people together for face-to-face meetings has been well documented throughout the economy, but the industry that relies most on these personal gatherings may be the…

Meetings Mean Business Telling Stories That Matter

Pop Quiz: What industry generated more than $1.07 trillion globally in direct spending in 2017? Not the consumer electronics or automotive industries. The economic engine that powers the world is…

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Solving the Biggest Challenges to Meetings Industry Growth

We spoke with Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, who sat down with Smart Meetings to discuss the importance of the industry.

Case Study: Making Cannes Personal

Events have the power to bring the world closer together. To find out how a two-person marketing team wowed 500 current and prospective clients with world-class experiences in seven floating…

The Hilton Effect in Words and Pictures

Hilton is preparing to celebrate 100 years of sheltering people on the road. Following are some of the trends it has seen in its tenure.

Engines of Progress: How Meetings Drive the Association Community

For associations, meetings bring real-time education and training to their members in every state and country. They build connections that often result in career-long alliances.

Shake on It: How to Be a Networking Boss

At their heart, event professionals are connectors. We bring people together so they can do business, share ideas and grow. That is our superpower. Why are so many so bad…

Don’t Call Them Mocktails

Not so long ago, bartenders gave no respect to nondrinkers. As in, a disdainful look and maybe a desultory question, such as, “You want fruit in that club soda, mister?”

Consolidations Mean Ground Continues to Shift for Planners

Consolidations among meeting industry providers are on the rise, bringing benefits to planners, such as facilitating one-stop shopping, as well as drawbacks.

Navigating Carry-on Luggage

Choosing the right luggage has become a challenge, but these tips can make the task much easier.

Four Things Successful Event Marketers Do

Networking and planning can be stress-inducing, but there are ways to make it simple. For planners who desire to exploit tech to its fullest, the implementation and use of a…

The New ‘R’ Word

There’s something new down on the farm. Have you heard? Carbon farming, it’s called. And it’s hoped it will do something more than feed us. It could help save us.

Leap Into Your April Smart Style

This month on Smart Style, we are featuring comfortable, practical and delicious products to make your travel easy and stress-free.

Obama Speechwriter Shares Tips for Speaking Effectively

Michelle Obama’s speechwriter shares strategies for speaking up effectively at Elevate!, Association of Women in Events’ (AWE) first one-day conference.

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