Here are hand-picked gifts for your attendees­—and you. This month, we are featuring comfortable, practical and delicious products to make each travel easier and stress-free. Tweet us your faves at @smartmeetings to get featured on social!

Good Lock

The most durable, TSA-approved luggage lock on the market also lets you know if your bag has been opened during travel.

Stir, Scoop, Sip

Made of steel, with a refined design, these spoon-straws add a personal touch to frozen cocktails.

Edible Espresso Cup

For breakfast—or as a snack—coffee is served in a 4-ounce waffle cup, triple-coated with chocolate.

Dream on the Go

Your ticket to a great night’s sleep comes in a compact Casper package, but unfolds into a dream.

Clip and Walk

This playful, wearable skin-track UV senses the quality of the air and recommends facial products to use.

Laptop Carry-on

Fashionable and eco-friendly, this tote bag has a separate, padded compartment to store your laptop and handy pockets to keep plane tickets and passport while traveling.

Ever Green

For planners with busy schedules, this programmable, self-watering, terra-cotta pot system takes care of indoor plants while you are away.