There’s a lot of information out there about how to better your career as a meeting professional. Throughout the year, Smart Meetings has invited professionals from different corners of the event planning world to impart their knowledge.

While there are many more webinars from the year you can watch, here are six (and their respective summarized stories) that we’ve curated that sums up the year quite well.

Give the People the Hybrid They Want

Attendees want engaging content—and they want it now! There are several ways to do this, which includes priming your chat box, changing up the flow of your virtual events and making it intimate, all of which is expanded upon in this webinar.

(Summary: Are Your Attendees Engaged? Three Experts Share How They Do It)

One Step Ahead, Predicting the Future of Event Technology

Brian Ludwig is no psychic but he does have an interest in the future; specifically, the future of event technology. During this webinar, Ludwig shows the many advancements meeting professionals may come into contact with in the near and distant future, such as second-floor public transport, futuristic venues and self-driving luggage.

(Summary: Flying Taxis and Self-directed Luggage: Predicting the Future of Events)

Vital Lessons from Covid-era Medical Meetings

Two medical meeting professionals share their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned planning events around considerations such as changing CDC protocols, managing attendee comfort levels and rules for medical programming. They also discuss how to know if you should cut your in-person event and go virtual.

(Summary: Lessons from the Front: Covid-era Med Meetings)

Backstage Pass: Producing Compelling Content that Drives Engagement

What makes content compelling? It begins with stating your objective. From there it doesn’t exactly become a breeze, but it does make it much easier. In this webinar, hosted by Cvent’s Alyssa Peltier and Julie Haddox, share content’s relation to the event marketer and what creating compelling content really means. You’ll find worthwhile tips from field experts in there, as well.

(Summary: How to Produce Compelling Content that Drives Engagement)

Harness the Power of Negotiation to Master Your Post-Covid Events Career

Negotiation is an essential skill in business, meetings and life. Alison Fragale, associate professor of organizational behavior at University of North Carolina, goes over some of the misconceptions people have about negotiating and why they need not fear believing in themselves.

(Summary: Harness the Power of Negotiation for Post-Covid Success)

Post-Pandemic Clauses You Need to Know

Attorney, author and faculty legal advisor Ty M. Sheaks discusses what to, and not to, include in your next venue contract, as well as common law principles to refer to if your contract lacks a specific clause, and other contractual considerations.

(Summary: Contract Negotiation: Post-Pandemic Clauses You Need to Know)