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Wall-to-Table DiningFood & Beverage

“The 2020s will be the decade of the Vertical Agriculture Revolution,” proclaims futurist Ray Kurzweil, who’s also director of engineering at Google. He’s referring to veggies and herbs grown sustainably indoors without dirt, using hydroponic (plants rooted in nutrient-rich liquid) or aeroponic (no growing medium) technology and often arrayed as a living wall.


Bitcoin Explained, For Meeting PlannersGadgetsTechnologyTechnology News

Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital “cryptocurrency” powered by a vast computer network. It’s been recognized as a currency by the European Union, yet China recently closed cryptocurrency exchanges serving its local markets—where more than 80 percent of the world’s Bitcoin transactions and financing activities were taking place until recently.

Designing the Well MeetingHealth & Wellness

 Recently, the high priests and priestesses of wellness gathered for their annual get-together. These are the visionaries and leaders of the global wellness industry, those who pioneer and advocate wellness practices and treatments. But this year, the “delegates” at this invitation-only event were also wellness guinea pigs. They may not have been aware of it, but they were the first attendees at a large event to be touched by a process called “purposeful design.”

mexico certifies lgbt

Mexico Certifies LGBT-Welcoming DestinationsNewsTravel

Mexico is wrapping itself in the rainbow flag. Thirteen destinations have been officially certified as LGBT-friendly. To capture a bigger share of the LGBT travel market for both leisure and business—valued at $211 billion in 2016—Mexican tourism authorities intensified the focus on this lucrative segment two years ago, introducing a dedicated program of training and…

As Las Vegas Stands Tall, the World Sends a HugNews

It’s often said adversity brings out the best in us. Certainly, that’s proven true in the aftermath of our recent natural disasters. These terrible moments level the playing field. Acts of generosity and kindness spring from every quarter of the community.

Defining Hospitality When Disaster StrikesHotels & Resorts

There’s a reason they call it the hospitality industry. The word itself comes from Latin roots that originally meant “to have power.” As hosts, convention centers, hotels, restaurants, air carriers, cruise lines and other facets of hospitality certainly have it within their power to create memories of a lifetime.

A (Greater) New York State of MindDestinations

Billy Joel sang his 1976 hit to plaintively yearn for Manhattan, but that wasn’t his real home. He grew up on Long Island. Greater New York, if you will. Manhattan, of course, is iconically Manhattan. But within a few hours’ drive, or less, awaits everything a meeting or event could ever want—history, glamour, sophistication, family fun, irresistible cuisine and scenic beauty. And all of it can be waaaay more affordable than in New York City.

Lake Placid Mixes Green with Olympic GoldDestinations

Nearly 300 miles due north of Manhattan lies an idyllic village that lays claim to something the big city never will. Lake Placid (pop. 2.400), in New York’s Adirondack Mountains, is a two-time Olympic host city, one of few in the world. Lake Placid Olympic Museum exhibits artifacts including team uniforms and medals. Like other…