Gary Diedrichs

Gary Diedrichs

Senior Content Editor at Smart Meetings
Gary Diedrichs is senior content editor at Smart Meetings. He has degrees in history from Princeton and New York University. His journalism career has spanned staff positions in radio, newspapers, magazines and websites. Other writing includes a novel set in Sausalito, California, in the 1950s. In his spare time, he publishes an award-winning website devoted to eco-friendly travel.
Gary Diedrichs

Get Primitive at These Four Hotel RestaurantsFood & BeverageMeeting Planning

Like today’s meeting planners, Stone Age hunter-gatherers led their tribes from place to place. For team activities such as finding food, their versions of meeting apps were sharpened sticks, bows and fishing nets. Then humanity marched onward, yet what’s this? As an antidote, perhaps, to modern life, chefs are returning to platings that showcase Stone Age-like foraging, as well as sea life caught or gathered in sustainable ways. Here is a sampling of such restaurants.

Team Building for Tougher TimesMeeting Planning

Where can you save, and what can be cut—partially or entirely? Historically, team-building activities have been a tempting target. They can be expensive. And they have a checkered reputation. Will goat yoga or blindfolded bungee jumping really bond co-workers? Is corporate fun worth the cost?

3 Myths About Donating FoodFood & BeverageMeeting Planning

Let’s call her Planner X. She stages a dozen or more meetings and events a year all over the country. Although she grew up on the East Coast, she’s lived in California for years and “takes green for granted.” One of the questions she always asks of prospective venues is, “Do you have a plan in place to donate excess or leftover food?” Within the last five years, the answer is more often “yes.”