In the realm of F&B, the last year of the second decade of the 21st century was one of innovation and rediscovery of the basics. Overarching was a continuing emphasis on health, well-being and sustainability. Here’s a menu.

CBD On the Rocks

With the legalization of marijuana in an increasing number of states, how could craft brewers and mixologists resist thinking, “Oh, wow”? We called this trend beer, cocktails and 420: a love story.

Food as Fuel

When we eat, we satisfy many cravings. Hunger. Fun. Variety. Secret Desires. But we’re paying more attention than ever to foods that satisfy our nutritional need to be our best. In short, what’s for lunch? Improved productivity!

Healthier Alcohol

Is there poison in your glass, we asked? Because we want to know where our food comes from, it’s only natural that our due diligence should extend to what we drink. Thus, we presented  the case for organic wines.

Forage, Gather, Hunt, Fish

Cutting-edge chefs around the country are turning to Mother Nature for “new” ingredients and fresh flavors by foraging and gathering in the wild, fishing and hunting. It’s all about a culinary movement to get primitive.

Elevated Bar Chow

Sure, you can still find stale packaged pretzels and deep-fried inedibles at bars around the country. But in the hipster enclaves, especially, look for bars that elevate their F&B.

Mission Impossible

When great tasting but meatless burgers spread to Burger King and your neighborhood grocery, you had to know we have entered the era of fake chews.

Seafood That Isn’t

Our oceans are in trouble and overfishing is endemic. So we asked the question: Will plant-based fish be the next big thing?

Alcohol-Free Yet Way Cool

Bartenders are making inventive, alcohol-free cocktails a big deal (with prices to match). But don’t call them mocktails.

Classics Endure

It’s comforting to know that, in this time of warp-speed change, some things are still worth preserving. The world’s most popular cocktail—and one of the few to originate from Italy—was hailed in our salute to 100 years of the Negroni.