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Smart Meetings’ October 2022 issue can serve as your destination guide for the top CVBs in the United States. We also take a look into the booking frenzy in the incentive world and give an overview of six destinations, including New England and Central California.


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Incentive Hyperdrive

Incentive meetings are back in a big way, according to new research. This includes domestic cruise incentives, U.S. and border destinations like Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean are booming. Find…

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Fasten Your Seat Belts

Airlines have been in rocky place for quite some time now. What can be done to return the industry to a more customer service-focused mindset and restore certainty to the…

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My Event Tech Checklist

When it comes to event technology, event tech correspondent Brandt Krueger takes the approach of getting the exact right tool for the job, rather than the one “that’ll do.” Here’s…

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Protect Your Pockets: Smart Style

This October issue Smart Style includes a box cutter your fingers will thank you for, a replacement seat back pocket organizer for airplanes, vitamin D- and saffron-laced gummy worms and…

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Healthy World: Add ‘EV Charging’ to Your Checklist

Presently, cars and trucks account for nearly one-fifth of all U.S. emissions, emitting around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other global-warming gasses for every gallon of gas. But the…

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Advance Planning: A Meeting Planner’s Best Tool

As an event planner, last-minute cancellations can raise your blood pressure and jeopardize your plans. But right now, as we adjust to “normal/not normal” post-Covid times, those fluctuations go with…

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What’s the Deal with Shorter Work Weeks?

You may have heard calls for the four-hour work week. Destinations around the globe have stated their intent to put the shorter work week into practice; the United Kingdom is…

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Smart Chat: Will B2B Adopt B2C Strategies to Retain Post-Covid Audiences?

Is the old B2B strategy dead and gone, to be replaced by long-standing B2C delivery methods? Veteran events executive Tony Lorenz thinks so. We asked him what that would look…

Bow Bridge in Central Park at Autumn

Essential List: Add Leaf Peeping to Your Meeting

Looking for leaf-peeping opportunities? We have five appealing fall selections for you. Plus there’s more, including team-building activities, scavenger hunts, skiing and archery, to name a few.

compostable forks, spoons and cups

Essential F&B: RFP Wish List

As a meeting professional, you wield enormous power. In ways often overlooked, you help create a demand that eventually topples the dominoes toward purchasing upgrades. Use it wisely.

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