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In Smart Meetings‘ October issue, we reveal the decor trends of the year! We’ve also got your layover love—that is, next-level airport hotels that are sure to surprise. There’s no stranger to incentives here, either; we highlight the value of incentives.

We also explore the treasured Central California Coast, charming Portland, blossoming New Jersey and take an international trip to the Galapagos, among other locales. Don’t miss our advice from emergency management experts, the dive into the gender pay gap in hospitality, harnessing the power of play and so much more!

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How Travel Changes Us

Once the lawyers are done with the fine print, the accountants have approved the spreadsheets and the communications team has finished the road show touting the synergies of the latest…

Layover Love: More Than a Ballroom Near the Runway

Could it be any simpler? Your plane lands, and you’re there. No hassles getting to a downtown hotel or convention center. No need to figure out how to navigate from…

2019 Design Trends

Veteran planners know that every detail counts when designing an experience that leads attendees on a journey of the senses. At Smart Meetings, we call the attention devoted to enhancing…

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Healthy World: Rethinking Recycling

What happens when the recycling bin isn’t emptied anymore? Your attendees may want their meetings to be green, but planners face the reality of recycling cutbacks.

It’s the (Moldy) Cheese!

Let’s celebrate the “moldy” cheeses that we adore, including gorgonzola, brie and camembert. Here are a few outstanding exemplars at hotels in the USA.

Site Inspection: Rapidly Rising Boise Offers Plenty of Surprises

During a fam trip this year, Smart Meetings experienced first-hand why Boise is such a hot option for planners looking for a dynamic, midsized city.

Is Your PC Ready for 2020?

Keeping your computer software fresh is not only a good thing to keep you up to date with software innovation—it also solidifies a lack of permanence with any software for…

Closing Hospitality’s Lingering Gender Pay Gap

Despite efforts to close the gender pay gap, a recent survey suggests that if advances continue at the current rate, it will still take about 20 years before pay equality…

Instagram Spotlight: Lights, Camera, Action

Producing an event has a lot in common with filming a movie: lights, set and lots of action. Marriott CRN took this idea to the extreme with a second 48-Hour…

Case Study: 2019 IRF Invitational Pumped Up the Wow

What better way to celebrate the impact of incentive travel than by producing an event that brought the “wow” of a motivational experience to life? Smart Meetings asked Barrie Hanlon,…

Treat Yourself to October Smart Style

This month, we’re supplying the tricks and treats that give you a competitive edge at events. Plus, a little something sweet to share with friends.

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