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In Smart Meetings' March issue, don't miss the amazing winners of the Smart Women in Meetings Awards. Spanning the categories of Visionary, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Stellar Performer, Industry Leader, Rising Star, and Hall of Fame, these women represent the best of the best in our industry, innovating, inciting and inspiring every day.

This issue also explores the top 10 international cities, the grandeur Las Vegas, the creative New England, and fawning over Louisiana. We also discuss the ROI of team-building by focusing on results—what's been your experience? We also dive into hospitality helping homelessness, practicing brain health, event registration evolution, walking the ethical walk at events, and so much more!

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Leadership Defined: Congratulations to the 2019 Smart Women in Meetings Award Winners

This marks the fourth year we have gathered a list of women who are out there disrupting the status quo, making sure everything works behind the scenes when the first attendee arrives and strategically calculating the impact after the last person has visited the buffet.

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Team Building for Tougher Times

Where can you save, and what can be cut—partially or entirely? Historically, team-building activities have been a tempting target. They can be expensive. And they have a checkered reputation. Will goat yoga or blindfolded bungee jumping really bond co-workers? Is corporate fun worth the cost?

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Q&A with Adrian Segar on Crowdsourcing

Adrian Segar asks attendees: “If this conference could be amazing for you, what would it be about?” Then, he builds a program around those topics.

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Case Study: ‘Peerology’ Promotes STEAM

We sat down with Erin Scholes, president of SD Meetings & Events, to talk about the work that goes on behind the scenes at the California STEAM Symposium.

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Win the Pursuit of Happiness

After one conversation with Amilya Antonetti, I knew finding joy in my work is a requirement rather than a luxury. I need to make sure happiness is one of the perks for my employees, as well.

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Travel Lessons from a Government Shutdown

If you missed a flight or had to navigate your way through an increase in delays and cancellations at the terminal this year, the good news is it’s (probably) not you. The bad news is it may happen again. We’ve rounded up five takeaways from the 35-day shutdown to help us all be more aware and better prepared in the future.

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Get Primitive at These Four Hotel Restaurants

Like today’s meeting planners, Stone Age hunter-gatherers led their tribes from place to place. For team activities such as finding food, their versions of meeting apps were sharpened sticks, bows and fishing nets. Then humanity marched onward, yet what’s this? As an antidote, perhaps, to modern life, chefs are returning to platings that showcase Stone Age-like foraging, as well as sea life caught or gathered in sustainable ways. Here is a sampling of such restaurants.

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Opening a Whole New Reality for Planners

Registration software used for meetings and events continues to develop at a breakneck pace, with advancements looming in areas such as increased customization and facial recognition, which soon could eliminate passwords and provide easier and more secure ways of protecting identities and data.

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Can Hospitality Jobs Cure Homelessness?

More than 550,000 people experienced homelessness in the United States on a single night in 2017. Many cities are dedicated to giving people back their dignity and cleaning up the streets, including plans to use a portion of transient occupancy taxes for social services. Some see the hotel industry as part of the solution.

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‘Walk the Walk’ at Your Meetings and Events

An ever-increasing trend in the meetings industry—and one that is directly affecting bottom lines—is attendees’ demand that companies, organizations and events not only be clear and thoughtful about their ethics and values, but also “walk the walk” in their everyday practices.

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Brain Health Isn't Just in Your Head

Stay sharp and live well by keeping your brain healthy in the face of always-on technology, environmental contaminants and poor sleeping habits.

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Spring into Action with Your March Smart Style

This March, we embrace the zest and pep of longer days with products that spark joy and gifts that make us feel as if spring has sprung.

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