Skylar Sjöberg

Skylar Sjöberg is the Junior Editor at Smart Meetings. She was previously an editor at UCLA's Daily Bruin and UC Berkeley's The Daily Californian, locally known as the city's paper. Skylar received a bachelor's degree in German and linguistics from UCLA in 2021 and is a published poet in the 2020 Milvia Street Art and Literary Journal, headquartered in Berkeley, California.
An aerial view of Hilton Orlando, a tropical option for corporate retreats.

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Top 10 Cities for Curating Efflorescent Events in 2022

In every era, flowers remain a timeless feature of event decor that refuses to fall out of style. It’s hard to deny the draw of freshly cut flowers. Lawn Love recently published the study, “2022’s Best Cities for Local Flowers,” which compared 200 U.S. cities in flower access, delivery access, vendor quality and local demand.