11 Ways to Stay Healthy on the Go


In 2015, more professionals witnessed the gap between work and personal life shrink. People are busier and more connected than ever. But instead of compromising on the ability to maintain a healthy regimen, the travel industry has embraced wellness trends and healthy eating in a variety of ways. Travelers can benefit from hands-on teambuilding exercises; destinations that promote active lifestyle; quality food at airports; and hotels that offer top amenities for staying in balance.

Here are highlights from this year’s coverage on ways to stay healthy on the go:

stay healthy on the go

1. Health & Wellness: Stress is a Heavy Topic

There’s a link between stress and weight gain. By understanding when you’re prone to stressing and what to do about it, you will not only feel healthier, but also a little lighter on your toes. Read more.

stay healthy on the go

2. Survey says America’s Healthiest Airport is Baltimore/Washington BWI

This year’s healthiest airport was Baltimore/Washington International Airport. Vegetable and hummus plates, gluten-free quinoa and locally sourced salads helped it earn the top spot. Read more.

stay healthy on the go

3. Kimpton’s F&B Survey Reveals Exotic Ingredients and Healthy Foods will be Trending in 2015

Exotic ingredients such as sorghum, salsify and sour cherries, as well as all sorts of smoked, aged and pickled foods, are hot in 2015 according to Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants’ Culinary & Cocktails Trend Report. Read more.

stay healthy on the go

4. Healthy Fast Food Drive Thru Opens

Amy’s Drive Thru is taking on McDonalds, one veggie burger at a time. The new eatery offers healthy fast food choices with no genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), and plenty of gluten-free and vegan options. Read more.

stay healthy on the go

5. Study Links Chronic Jet Lag to Increased Health Risks

For flight attendants and other frequent flyers that experience jet lag on a regular basis, a recent study has linked chronic jet lag to increased health risks. Read more.

stay healthy on the go

6. 9 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling During the Holidays

This holiday season, more than 38 million people will travel on domestic airlines. That means it’s more important than ever to stay healthy during the winter travel period, which also coincides with the peak of the flu season. Read more.

stay healthy on the go

7. The Rapid Rise to Wellness

The strong emphasis on wellness in the meetings and hospitality industries parallels the rapidly increasing importance it has to people around the world. Read more.

stay healthy on the go

8. Make Wellness an Action when Meeting in California

When meeting here, you’re likely to include healthy menu options and wellness breaks, matching your attendees’ needs and interests with the improved engagement and ROI you need. Read more.

stay healthy on the go

9. Kicking Some Serious Butt at Westin Wellness Escape

Smart Meetings editor Susan Jacobs attended Westin’s inaugural Wellness Escape event in San Diego, an all-women retreat led by fitness guru Holly Perkins. Read more.

stay healthy on the go

10. 8 Steps for a DIY Wellness Retreat

Here are eight cost-effective and convenient ways for anyone to experience the benefits of a wellness retreat. By taking small steps towards building up fitness and health, reap the same benefits without a trip to Bali. Read More.

stay healthy while on the go

11. Healthy Hot Spots

From hybrid medical/fitness studios to beachfront yoga, resorts are making wellness a priority. Read on to learn about 10 more healthy hot spots. Read more.