Smart Meetings

5 Ways Neuroscience Drives Engagement at EventsEvents

Managing an event may not require rocket science, but successfully engaging with attendees does require manipulating the properties of neuroscience, the study of the nervous system, particularly the brain.

Exciting Developments on Tap for TucsonDestinations

Tucson is one of those cities with one foot headed toward the future and one happily planted into the past. But the “future” foot is really active these days. A lot of interesting things are happening there, particularly in the hospitality and meeting industries. In September, Tucson was designated a World Festival & Event City…

Bringing Advanced Audiovisual to the StageGadgetsTechnology

The entertainment industry has advanced the development of hologram technology such that it is nearing practical use in the realm of business events. Already, live concerts include three-dimensional performances that are difficult to tell from the actual thing on stage.  

Time for Real Behavioral UnderstandingGadgetsTechnology

All planners want to know how they can improve the attendee experience, but getting honest answers to the question of “what is working?” can be challenging. Luckily, both event apps and smart badge technology has evolved to the point that when combined with advanced analytics, they can track attendee movement throughout an event. This gives…

Walt Disney World Resorts Adding Exciting New Group OptionsDestinations

Meeting planners might not always think of Walt Disney World as an exciting venue for clients with serious business in mind, but the “House the Mouse Built” is continually evolving to offer new options for incentive trips, conferences and other corporate gatherings.