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Travel Smart with These 10 Innovative Business Travel Apps & Services

Whether you’re an event planner who’s always on-the-go or a globe-trotting sales person, there are lots of details that make the difference between an enjoyable trip and a displeasing one, and while some of those details aren’t within your control, business travel apps are really changing the game when it comes to planning a trip.

The problem now is, there are so many apps, and more are being added all the time. How do you know which ones are really worth your while?  Here are 10 tried and true business travel apps and services that any frequent flier should consider their travel companions.

1. PicYourTrip

Certain events call for documentation of a slightly higher caliber than Twitter posts and selfies. PicYourTrip lets travelers book local photographers in their destinations to take photos of their trip experiences. Millennial travelers in particular value photos depicting experiences and want those photos to look professional. PicYourTrip allows you to find a guide in your location to professionally document the event or trip and make those memories instantly available to you.

2. MyBonami 

MyBonami  takes the capabilities of Google Translate one step further. First, it shows travelers restaurant menus in their native language and lets them order through the mobile app. It also translates key phrases so that you can communicate with your server. Receiving a quick translation through a mobile app that places your order for you in another language won’t leave you wondering what you ordered.

3. GateGuru

GateGuru lets you know just about everything you could want to know about your flight and your airport. It summarizes your flight itinerary into a simple, attractive interface. It will alert you of any flight time or gate changes, plus the “stats” feature lets you see how many hours you’ve spent at airports and in planes.

4. NearStory

Want a quick education on your destination? NearStory is an audio platform streaming audio stories from multiple sources that are relevant to a traveler’s interests and location. The mobile app delivers podcasts, historical speeches, news broadcasts, interviews, music, environmental sounds and other audio to travelers. Whether you need some inspiration or want to show off some newfound knowledge, this is the app.

5. Handshake

As the saying goes, always be closing. That means you need the ability to process a sale from virtually anywhere.  Handshake  allows an entire sales-order process to occur in an attractive app that automatically reports sales back to your business for processing. It also offers on-the-go glances at important client information (previous orders, account assignments and more).

6. TripIt 

If you don’t already have and use TripIt, get ready for things to get a lot easier. The app makes itinerary planning a snap, by storing all your various reservation numbers in one place for easy access. All you have to do is forward your reservation and confirmation emails, and TripIt builds a master itinerary, complete with everything you need.

7. XE Currency

Sorting out currency conversions, especially when your trip entails several destinations that use different forms of currency, can get sticky. XE Currency presents a no-nonsense way to sort it out. The app features a table for adding currencies you want to convert to your home currency. You can also add a currency widget to your iOS notification center or Android home screen with live-updating rates so you’re aware of any value changes instantly.

8. Award Wallet

Any avid traveler knows what it’s like keeping track of all your reward cards, account numbers, passwords, etc. Award Wallet lets you store your passwords, balances, and account numbers connected to your frequent flyer miles, hotel and car-rental and credit card loyalty points (even free coffee card awards.)  Awardwallet will even notify you about upcoming expiration dates.

9. Concur

Concur organizes and tracks, saves and submits travel expenses. The app allows you to store all receipts and expenses, eliminating the risk of them getting lost, and it expedites the reimbursement process.

10. Waze

Any GPS app is good to have on hand when traveling in an unfamiliar city, but what makes Waze different is it’s real-time navigation abilities. Waze has 50 million members contributing up-to-the-minute information, from accident alerts to the cheapest gas stations. Other notifications include traffic slowdowns, speed traps, and construction zones.


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