The holidays are a-comin’ and you know what that means: office parties!

Well, maybe not this year.

And are we all glum over the prospect of not chatting it up with the boss and watching coworkers drink one (or three) too many? Apparently not. A survey by Convene found that 56 percent of people would rather clean their home or apartment this holiday season than attend an office party in person.

Ouch. But understandable…and safer.

Of the 1,200 people surveyed, 59 percent reported a cancelled holiday party, and nearly 40 percent say they are happy about the news.

Ah, but what about virtual holiday gatherings? They are still very much on the table.

When asked what they would like their company to offer for the virtual party, 39 percent of respondents said giveaways or branded gifts. Curated experiences in the form or workshops and food boxes are welcome ways to bring people together, too.

As an example, you can make employees happy and support local businesses by trying out City Tasting Box, a boutique e-commerce shop. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, City Tasting Box offers several food boxes for delivery that give a taste of the Bluff City. Many of the box options contain spices and sauces that’ll add Memphis fire to any meal.

Convene is also offering packages. The Reach Across the Aisle package is designed to counsel teams on how to have difficult conversations; Good Riddance 2020 includes a 30-minute shadowboxing class to help employees battle frustration; and the Appreciation Package provides the tools to show gratitude to employees, and includes workshops on writing thank-you notes, learning to give and receive feedback, and several fun activities, including cooking lessons, cocktail-making and exercise tips.

If you’re looking for more customization in your gift-giving, give Swag a try. With swag, you can send employees custom office materials, drinkware, bags, health and wellness products, custom-branded jackets and all kinds of tech gadgetry, such as loudspeakers and mugs that keep coffee hot.

Although many won’t see their employees or coworkers in person this holiday season, there’s no reason not to put a smile on their faces with thoughtful gifting. In other words, don’t be a virtual Grinch!