Photo credit: Warner Brothers

As you probably know, the new Wonder Woman movie just hit theaters. With all of the buzz around perhaps the most glorious superwoman in pop culture, I began thinking about Wonder Woman’s many super powers.  I ended up finding some striking parallels between the superhero and the typical meeting planner. It takes relentless strength to thrive in this profession, and although planners may not be equipped with a lasso and sword, they fearlessly tackle challenges—and look great doing it.

Below are the super-skills I believe make every meeting planner a Wonder Woman!

1. Teamwork

Wonder Woman knows that the goal isn’t always to be a one (wo)man show. Working with the Justice Society and Justice League throughout the years, Wonder Woman has become an expert team player. Likewise, planners know the value of net force. Even an all-star player like Wonder Woman knows when it’s time to help out as well as get some help from colleagues. Planners have to work with others, making use of their strengths along with offering their own. Even planners who work independently wouldn’t be able to serve food without a caterer or provide entertainment without a speaker or band.

2. Female power

When creating Wonder Woman, psychologist, inventor and comic book writer William Marston focused on combining feminist ideologies to make the ultimate female role model. She breaks conventions with her free spirit but is also kind, brave and ethical. Unlike many sectors, event planning is a largely female-dominated field. Even though there is still a long way to go for equality, women in this field are constantly countering stereotypes and proving their abilities, despite societal challenges.

3. Strength tempered by warmth

While a strong and distinguished warrior, Wonder Woman is also graceful and compassionate. She can take on the world’s most daunting villains  while maintaining her place as a diplomat and possessing a nurturing nature. Similarly, planners know that they have to balance a likable demeanor with an assertive backbone. A lot of the job requires building positive relationships. However, it also requires resilience and the confidence to hold one’s own.

4. Emotional intelligence

Gal Gadot, the actress playing Wonder Woman in the recent movie, described Wonder Woman as “an idealist. Experienced, super-confident. Having many strengths and powers, but at the end of the day she’s a woman with a lot of emotional intelligence.” Can’t the exact same be said of planners? Anyone who has gone through the stages of planning an event knows just how precious this skill is. Figuring out the best ways to attract, entertain and appease attendees, teammates and business partners takes a deep understanding of people.

5. Resilience

Even though she may get knocked down and even injured, Wonder Woman always jumps—or in some cases soars—back up. She also has the power to heal extremely quickly. While no human (that we know of) can mend wounds at her pace, planners exemplify another type of resiliency. They work in a competitive field that deals with a million moving parts. Additionally, when planners are struck down they are compelled to get back up–and quickly, because they’re on a deadline. Those who can make it in this field know more than a thing or two about turning a failure into a lesson.