In an announcement perfectly timed to celebrate Global Wellness Day, Hyatt Hotels Corporation is partnering with the Dr. Frank Lipman’s Be Well brand to help promote health. Hyatt’s multi-pronged program of initiatives will launch at Park Hyatt properties in New York, Chicago and Washington, DC, but will eventually extend to all hotels and brands under its umbrella.

Dr. Lipman, who founded Be Well in 2012, blends traditional and alternative methods to help followers reclaim vitality. The program focuses on supplements, cleanses, exercise and health coaching. Celebrity devotees include Gwyneth Paltrow, Bobbi Brown and Donna Karan.

Hyatt has sound business reasons for incorporating healthy initiatives into its offerings. “Our guests are embracing healthier lifestyles and are increasingly looking to integrate healthy habits into their travel experiences,” said Maryam Banikarim, Hyatt Hotels Corporation’s global chief marketing officer, in a press statement. “Working with the Be Well team is helping us bring their passion for making healthy living simple into everything we do.”

This is not Hyatt’s first foray into health and wellness. In 2014 the company launched Food Thoughtfully Sourced, Carefully Served, a global program where company chefs revamped menus to include grass-fed meats, sustainable seafood and healthier options for kids. But the Be Well partnership will take Hyatt’s commitment to wellness a step further.

What Does This Mean for Guests?

Upon arrival, Hyatt guests will be offered healthy drinks at participating properties. They will enjoy curated in-room amenities, special fitness offerings such as workout and mediation classes, as well as healthy menu options. Retreats are also being designed to provide immersive experiences for guests that want to learn more about nutrition, fitness and mindfulness.

“Wellness is more than a class or a diet—it’s a lifestyle. We are on a mission to make well-being convenient and accessible to all—on and off the road,” said Be Well’s Chief Executive Officer Brandon Shainfeld. He notes that Be Well and Hyatt “will work together on integrating health and wellness into a traveler’s experience.”

Dr. Lipman believes working together can have a meaningful impact. “I share Hyatt’s passion to care for guests’ well-being and am impressed with the approach of making it a natural part of the guest experience,” he said.

Count in All Hyatt Hotel Brands

All Hyatt Hotel brands have some sort of wellness offerings. Hyatt hotels with fitness facilities keep them open 24/7 so guests can utilize them at their convenience. Hyatt Centric hotels that lack fitness centers provide guests with access to nearby facilities where they can work out. Park Hyatt Chicago has Shred415 workout classes on premise once a week, while Park Hyatt New York will host meditation classes with MNDFL, New York City’s premier meditation studio.