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The October issue of Smart Meetings is dedicated to the hard-working meeting professionals in all areas of the $1-trillion travel and tourism industry—8 million of whom lost their job to help the country manage the coronavirus crisis. This issue is a message to elected officials that if you give these innovative people the certainty and tools to do their job safely, they can help restart the American economy by doing what they do best, bringing people together. Share your back to meeting story by dropping us a note


Up Your Virtual Value Prop

Deliver the goods and you can charge for online events. Read to consider what online platform to use, how much to budget and what to charge for events.


Mapping the Way Forward

Smart Meetings gathered planners, hoteliers and association worlds for a brainstorm on how to move ahead in business. Here are your curated tips.

Hack Your Incentives: The Meeting in Your Attendee’s Head

Want to hack your incentives? Get in your attendee’s head. From creating a psychological portrait of audiences to using brain-friendly food to increase productivity—psychology is at the heart of event…

Essential! Support the $1 Trillion Meetings Industry, Restart America

Six months into the industry’s induced coma, it has lost an estimated 80 percent of projected revenue. An investment in meetings will result in greater ROI than any other single…

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A Bubble in the Air

While commercial airlines have been badly battered by COVID-19, private aviation has seen a steady influx of new clients. Here’s what you need to know about best practices, trends and…

Fresh Air Havens

Four new and renovated properties in California, Texas, Florida and Aruba that offer attendees fresh air and outdoor meeting spaces.

Q&A with Tori Barnes on Advocating for Bold Action

Tori Barnes has spent the last six months talking with elected officials about the importance of supporting the industry. We sat down for an update on the effort and how…


Immunity Boosters You Can Eat

Strengthen your immune system with fruits, vegetables and superfoods. Here’s a sampling of where you can do so when back on the road—effortlessly.


Listen Up! Sounds That Heal and Soothe

Music as therapy is practically mainstream, but did you know rhythm can provide physical pain relief? Check out these healing sounds.

Your October 2020 Smart Style

Hand-picked treats and gifts for your attendees­—and you. This October, we’re featuring products that help keep you safe, healthy and ready for Halloween.

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