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The November issue answers all the season’s most pressing meeting professional questions. What platform should I use for engaging virtual and hybrid meetings? How do I incentivize high performers when traditional high-touch experiences are not allowed? What gift can I send attendees that will be remembered? And what is the gift for myself that I didn’t even know I needed? Share your back to meeting story by dropping us a note



Gifting in the Age of Virtual Events

Do virtual events signal the end of swag bags? Not quite. Keep attendees excited and connected with gifting during the virtual era. We asked the experts for tips.

Smart Style: Your 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

This special holiday gift guide covers everything you need to treat your attendees, partners—and yourself. From travel and office cheer to technology and health boosts, it’s all in the (swag)…


Beyond the 800-pound Zoom

Zoom boxes may be ubiquitous, but they are not the only choice. You can mix and match your virtual platform provider to meet specific event goals. Here’s how.

Virtually Engaged: Ban Boring Events from Your Agenda

Are your attendees virtually engaged? Hear from Robin Farmanfarmanian, author of Facilitating Virtual Events: Driving Participant Engagement & Interaction.

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Viva Vegan Vegas

Las Vegas boasts some dozen vegan restaurants in town, with enticing, celebrity-chef-led meatless, dairyless choices.


Q&A: Strategic Event Science of the Future

Heather Mason, founder and CEO of Caspian Agency, teaches planners strategic event science to get more power, more money and more respect,

Smart Buzz: Pandemic Resources Edition

Meeting professionals need all the help they can get right now. Industry groups have stepped up to give you the information you need to be effective. Following are pandemic resources…


Case Study: A Virtual VIP Club

Sometimes a run-of-the-mill virtual award show is not going to cut it. Veritas Technologies created an interactive, opulent virtual VIP environment to deliver a star-studded awards experience.


Better Than Sustainable: Regenerative Travel

Regenerative travel allows planners, meeting attendees and tourism operators to leave a healthier place behind. Join in on the fun.

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