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In the March Smart Meetings Magazine we celebrate the women who inspire and change. The sixth annual Smart Women in Meetings Awards recognize the innovative, hard-working and irrepressible women who found ways to succeed in a challenging year. Along with our look at green venues and new Las Vegas opportunities, we hope these essential resources help you be successful for the coming event planning season.


green venues

Modeling Green Venues

Here are leading examples of venues doing it right by modeling green in all its shades. As you return to meeting rooms, consider putting them on your shortlist.

Smart Women in Meetings Awards 2021

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Q&A with Rachel Sheerin on Banishing Burnout and Reinventing Joy

If you’ve lost that loving feeling for your work, that’s burnout—and you’re not alone. Motivational keynote speaker and event emcee Rachel Sheerin shares her tips.


Understanding the Impact of Travel on Attendees

Traveling for work is largely seen as a rewarding perk and an important element in connecting with others. While meeting online and on virtual platforms is easy and convenient, three-quarters…

smart style

Your April 2021 Smart Style

Get ahead of spring swag bag trends, with the latest in sleep, beauty and wellness products, handpicked for you.


CDC Readiness and Planning Tool

Covid-19 has amped up need for prep and safety checks. CDC now offers a tool for just that. How prepared are you?


Building Back Better Incentive Travel

How the global pandemic will change your incentive travel plans—for the better.

The Antidote for Zoom Fatigue

Avoiding Zoom fatigue is fairly easy. Here’s how event tech expert Brandt Kreuger improves his clients’ presenter setups.

healthier world

Healthy World: The Future Is Now

The 2020s may be looked back upon as the inflection point marking the beginning of a healthier world with healthier people. From electric vehicles to changes in diet, here is…


Essential F&B: Embrace the Alternative

If you’ve planned F&B during these months, you’ve had to learn to do what you do in new and different ways. In that spirit of learning—and, hopefully, growing—now is the…

Thompson Chicago

View from the Meeting Room: Springing Back All Over

What responsible events look like today. Masked attendees are filling up venues from Chicago to Florida to Las Vegas and more.

Your March 2021 Smart Style

Hand-picked treats and gifts for your attendees­—and you. This month, we’re featuring products that help keep you safe, healthy and ready for the recovery.

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