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The world is getting back to traveling. Smart Meetings took a closer look at what that means for business travel. And for those not yet ready to get on a plane for every meeting possibility, we have uncovered the truth about what hybrid means for your budget and your sanity (stay calm and plan on). We are also celebrating the meeting professionals who embraced the chaos and are finding new ways to be effective for their companies, teams and attendees. Finally, we check in with our destination partners at CVBs around the country. You are going to want to save this list as they are ones you will want to call to ensure your event is compliant with local regulations and supercharged with a sense of place. Safe travels.


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Remixed Properties for Summer Stays

The latest new and renovated properties, including Hyatt Regency Houston, Sheraton Downtown Denver and more in Arizona and California.

What Meeting Profs Get Wrong about Hybrid

The biggest potential misstep is forgetting what makes an event hybrid, a single event with two audiences. Here’s how to not neglect them.

What Hybrid Platform Consolidation Means for Meeting Profs

The predicted consolidation phase of the big streaming platform explosion has taken a down-to-earth turn. Virtual meeting platforms are buying, acquiring, partnering and otherwise conjoining with in-person meeting producers to…

Debunking Hybrid Event Myths

We’re not going back, we’re moving forward It’s one of those things that happens without you really realizing it: “Back in the day…” becomes something that you use to describe…

'venge travel trends

‘Venge Travel Trends

The No. 1 travel trend experts are pointing to: ‘Venge Tourism,’ short for the revenge motives driving people to get back out there. Business travel is no exception. Safe, effective…

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us travel

US Travel: All Meetings Are Not Equal

U.S. Travel Association believes professional meetings and events (PME) suffer from being lumped in with other gatherings—and is working to change that.

healthy outside

Healthy You: Go Outside and Play!

The park or woodland trail near you is your playground, whether it’s for all-out fitness or tai chi. The benefits of going outside to play are many.

bruce rohr

Q&A with JW Marriott’s Bruce Rohr On Facilitating Wellness for Groups

At JW Marriott, Bruce Rohr is responsible for overall brand operations and on facilitating wellness for groups, from mind and body to spirit. We asked him about his pandemic journey…


Ravish: Fire Up the Grill!

Grillin’ and chillin’. It’s that time of year. Chefs are rediscovering the added flavor of a wood fire, serving up longer-lasting nutrients at a hotel near you. Check out what’s…

smart style

Your September 2021 Smart Style

From a compact espresso maker to essential oils that ward of mosquitoes, these end-of-summer picks are the ultimate swag for your attendees.

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