released a ranking of the most popular destinations for American travelers in the first half of 2015. Data comes from the company’s Hotel Price Index (HPI), which is based on bookings made on

Domestically, the top 10 destinations for Americans remain unchanged from the first half of 2014. They are, in order, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Houston and San Antonio.

Several destinations outside the top 10—notably in the Southwest and Midwest—experienced significant jumps over the past year. The Grand Canyon climbed five spots to 45 as it attracts record-breaking crowds. Phoenix, a city that basked in the national spotlight when it hosted the Super Bowl in February, advanced two places to claim the 27th spot. It displaced Atlantic City, which dropped 12 spots to 39.

Internationally, the Top 5 destinations for Americans in the first half of the year are, in order, London, Paris, Rome, Toronto and Vancouver. Like the domestic list, several up-and-coming destinations jumped into the mix.

Budapest burst onto the scene, ranking 41st, and Ciudad Juarez in Mexico captured the 44th spot. Other international cities that have grown in popularity in the first half of 2015 include Bangkok, which leapfrogged an astounding 10 spots to 11, and Punta Cana, Mexico, which came in at 40. Sydney advanced five spots to 28, and Dubai climbed five spots to 17.