RFID Identification for Meetings

Meeting planners are learning to incorporate more technology into their events to keep attendees actively involved throughout their conferences. With new technological advances in Near Field Communication (NFC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), mobile apps can be used as tools for networking, gamification and ultimately to turn those present into brand ambassadors.

Though RFID already serves the purpose of facilitating registration and session access in meetings, planners are also using this technology to measure how long an attendee stays at a given session and in other creative ways, such as RFID-enabled lanyards that activate different experiences throughout conference venues.

Here are three innovative and creative ways to use RFID technology at your next meeting or event that will enhance your attendees’ experience:


Since RFID tracks movement, conference participants can earn prizes by checking in at RFID stations and encourage attendee interaction.

Targeted LED Signage

Well placed sensor-enabled checkpoints throughout an event that trigger messages on LED screens can be a way to get event sponsors to promote custom messages to those present at an event.

Social Media Brand Ambassadors

Create kiosks or graphics that encourage event participants to check in on Facebook, tweet about their experience at your conference or upload an image of your event on Instagram adding hashtags such as #SmartMtgsLA can help engage your attendees and promote your event at the same time.

As RFID and NFC continue to improve, these technologies will provide more creative ways to customize and enhance conferences. In the meantime, organizers can magnify networking opportunities for event participants by using mobile apps and thinking outside the box.