U.S. Sees Record Number of Tourists in 2014

Last year, the U.S. welcomed 75 million international visitors, according to figures announced this month by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The record number of tourists marks a 7 percent jump from 2013.

The report states that the highest number of international travelers come from Canada and Mexico. Canadian tourists reached 23 million, while Mexico contributed 17.3 million visits in 2014.

The total number of overseas visitors also set records last year, reaching 34.4 million, up 7 percent from the year before. Overseas travel accounted for 46 percent of international arrivals.

Several countries showed double-digit percentage increases form last year, including China, India, Italy, Colombia, Spain and Sweden. Thirty-seven percent of the total number of international visitors came from Western Europe.

The report focused on the top three airport hubs—John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Miami International Airport (MIA) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)—which accounted for 41 percent of all arrivals from abroad.

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Regions with the Most Visitors to the U.S. in 2014

-Western Europe- 12,784,471, +6.2 percent
-Asia- 9,641,032, +6.1 percent
-South America- 5,480,579, +6.6 percent
-Oceania- 1,555,382, +8.6 percent
-Caribbean- 1,338,644, +15.8 percent
-Middle East- 1,225,120, +15.8 percent
-Eastern Europe- 947,477, +10.2 percent
-Central America- 932,866, +11.9 percent
-Africa- 513,445, +16.8 percent

Top 20 Countries with the Most Visitors to the U.S. in 2014

-Canada- 22,975,195, -1.8 percent
-Mexico- 17,334,495, +19.2 percent
-United Kingdom- 3,972,655, +3.6 percent
-Japan- 3,579,363, -4.0 percent
-Brazil- 2,263,865, +9.0 percent
-China- 2,188,387, +21.1 percent
-Germany- 1,968,536, +2.7 percent
-France- 1,624,604, +8.0 percent
-South Korea- 1,449,538, +6.6 percent
-Australia- 1,276,124, +5.9 percent
-India- 961,790, +11.9 percent
-Italy- 934,066, +11.3 percent
-Colombia- 881,219, +17.8 percent
-Spain- 700,084, +12.9 percent
-Argentina- 684,727, -0.2 percent
-Venezuela- 615,975, -21.8 percent
-Netherlands- 615,856, +4.5 percent
-Sweden- 543,336, +14.0 percent
-Switzerland- 486,506, +2.8 percent
-Taiwan- 413,048, +7.4 percent


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