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A Look at Travel in 2015

From “botlers,” “braggies,” and the sharing economy, travel industry experts predict what’s ahead for next year. Expect Japan to be among the hottest destinations in 2015, as well as Thailand and Singapore. All indications are that technology will continue to change the travel industry and the sharing economy will shift how we book travel. Read…

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Go Green with the Whole Earth Calculator App

New waste recovery app provides a way to increase food recovery through awareness and social sharing. The app converts pounds of food into meals and landfill reductions, and calculates how much CO2 and Methane is released when food is thrown away. The app then sends out a custom tweet that users can send out to…

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How to Effectively Tweet a Conference

Attending a session at a conference used to be a passive activity. You’d sit, listen to the speaker and maybe take notes. Today, many attendees approach sessions as active participants, using laptops, tablets and smart phones to make their own contributions to the event. Twitter is an especially powerful tool for sharing information instantly while…

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