Paige Feigenbaum

Paige Feigenbaum is a content editor at Smart Meetings. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Psychology with a minor in music business and entertainment industries at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL and studied abroad at the University of Sydney in Australia. Prior to writing about the meetings industry, Paige worked for entertainment news and general news outlets in Los Angeles and New York. In her spare time, she enjoys watching TV, rooting for the Miami Hurricanes, visiting Disneyland, keeping up with celebrity gossip and exploring Wine Country. Her additional interests include figure skating, the Olympics and American Sign Language.

Site Inspection: Meet With a ‘Porpoise’ in Fort Myers

The Fort Myers, Florida, area is like nature’s aquarium: You’re almost guaranteed to see dolphins frolicking freely in their natural environment when you meet at waterfront hotels in Bonita Springs, Sanibel Island and Captiva Island.

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Helpful Tips for Dealing with Allergies on Flights

Aah-aah-choo! You never want to be the person—or be near the person—who’s sneezing on a plane. Much of the sneezing is due to allergies, which can be far more serious than a tickle in the nose. Some passengers risk going into anaphylactic shock when coming into contact with certain allergens, such as foods and animals they have a potentially fatal sensitivity to.