Smart Meetings’ Top 5 Videos of 2018

Video ruled the social media world in 2018. Smart Meetings’ visual storytelling immersed planners in the trends and news of the year. If you missed some videos along the way, don’t worry. We prepared a list of the best of Smart Meetings TV from the last year.

Marin Bright: Welcome to the January Issue of Smart Meetings

Marin Bright, CEO of Smart Meetings, kicked off 2018 with a video detailing changes to Smart Meetings magazine. She announced that the company’s new mission is “inspiring brilliant experiences” while showcasing how the magazine has improved. The reimaging of the magazine was prompted by feedback she received from readers—a continuing source of inspiration for the entire team.

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Destinations Inspire Brilliant Experiences 

Smart Meetings TV host Mike Lyons explored how an interesting and unique destination can lead to fun and intriguing events. He talked with representatives from across the globe to uncover the gems that make their destinations unique.

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Three Tips for Being Inclusive

Smart Meetings asked Jessica Pettitt, the author of Good Enough Now, to provide three tips on how to be inclusive. If the first one is being conscious of who you might be excluding and the second one is asking, can you guess the third one?

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What Apps Do Planners Use Most at Events?

Smart Meetings tracked the year’s top event apps by talking to you—industry professionals who put these tech tools to the test every day. From Poken and Certain Touchpoint, to new ways of introducing meditation in events, let us know your favorite resources and you could be featured in 2019.

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The Future of Your Business According to Glen Hiemstra

Glen Hiemstra, founder of, explained that if you want to change your business, you have to start with the future, not the present. Fortunately for planners, they are already ahead of the game because they are always looking ahead.

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