Top 3 Sourcing Webinars for Meeting Planners

Let’s face it, site-sourcing, keeping up with the latest industry trends and drafting air-tight contracts can be scary subjects for meeting planners. From the super-experienced veteran to the rookie planner, when you’re tasked with hours of research, cutthroat negotiations and staying ahead of the curve for each upcoming event, planning a meeting can seem like an Olympic 4X4 relay — except you’re the only runner. It can be really tough—we’ve totally been there.

To help you finesse your planning woes in style, we’ve pulled together some of the best online sessions for today’s busy meeting planners. Check out these webinars to learn the latest tips and tools, master hot new industry trends, and receive must-have, professional advice on contracts and negotiations.

Key Strategies to Streamline Your Sourcing
Vivian Shaw, Former Global Sourcing Expert, Smart Meetings 360
It’s no secret that hotel and destination choice can make or break a meeting. And with so many to-dos on a meeting planner’s list, the task can often seem daunting. Think about it: there’s hours of research, days of tough negotiations, harried site-inspections, confusing contract reviews and oh so many status updates.

Key Strategies to Streamline Your Sourcing Process is the one-stop shop for meeting planners who want to save time, money and stress, and optimize their site-sourcing results.

Tune in with global sourcing expert, Vivian Shaw, if you want to learn to:

  • Narrow down your destination and venue options
  • Get the most out of your site visits
  • Make your RFP more desirable to hotels
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Problem Contract Clauses and How to Avoid Them
Lisa Sommer Devlin JD, Attorney, Devlin Law Firm P.C.
Contracts, contracts, contracts. They’re either your best friend, or your worst enemy. And if you’ve been in the game long enough, you probably have a nightmare story of your own. Therefore, it’s critical for meeting planners to have a razor sharp understanding of the contracts and clauses that bind them

In Problem Contract Clauses and How to Avoid Them, veteran hotel attorney Lisa Sommer Devlin guides you through the most important clauses centered around attrition, renovation, cancellations, confidentiality, rate parity and more.

Listen-in and:

  • Master how to think about the problem you’re trying to avoid and how to draft that specific clause accordingly
  • Understand which clauses hotels are more likely to accept to meet your needs
  • Discover how to approach a situation when unexpected circumstances arise
  • Learn to draft clauses that are reasonable and enforceable

For more online sessions on contracts, try How to Strengthen Your Negotiation Skills and Improving Contract Negotiation Skills: Getting to “Yes.”

Webinar 3 – 2017: A Year of Disruption
Mike Dominquez, Chief Sales Officer, MGM Resorts International

In a meeting planner’s world, it’s not enough just to stay with the pack. You’ve got stay ahead of the curve, ready to pounce on the newest trends.

In the highly-educational and insightful 2017: A Year of Disruption, veteran hospitality pro, Mike Dominquez, shares how today’s rapidly-changing economic climate and hotel structure are impacting the meetings industry, and reveals the current industry outlook, specific economic concerns and critical forecasts that dictate behavior in the meetings industry. (Phew, we’re tired just writing that.)
Mike shares methods to optimize your relationships with hotels, explores the internal and external forces that influence meeting design and demonstrates how today’s event goers are no longer attendees, rather they are participants.

So, join the group if you want to:

  • Understand the need to move fast in an ever-changing organizational structure.
  • Review the industry forecast for major North American markets.
  • Master new competition for both guest rooms and meeting space
  • Uncover what is myth vs reality in today’s meeting environment.

For more online sessions on hot industry trends for meeting planners, check out 2017 Hospitality Trends.

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