Stay Human in Room 301


Kimpton Everly Hotel in Los Angeles has implemented a ground-breaking program that is designed to deepen the bonds between guests at the property.

The Stay Human Project began as a social experiment in 2018 to create genuine human connection. More than 50 guests stayed in Room 301 over the course of three months. Several parts of the experiment were created to strengthen relationships between people, including the following.

  • Community Confessions: Guests were asked to write their deepest secret or confession, to be read by all, on a wall.
  • Photo Moods: The guests took photos of themselves with an instant camera to represent their mood and wrote that corresponding mood on the photo.
  • Community Playlist: In this activity, guests added their favorite songs to a communal playlist shared by Room 301 guests.
  • Video Diary: Guests selected from a series of questions to answer on camera, to be viewed by future guests.

At its inception, the objective was to connect guests through what makes them human at their core. From personal confessions and regrets to guests’ deepest desires and favorite things, Room 301 guests shared it all. Kimpton is trying to convey that no matter what the background of each individual, there is always something that connects us all.

“This room showcased how people are craving authentic connections and needing an invitation to pause and reflect in an often hectic and digital world,” said Kathleen Reidenbach, chief commercial officer at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. “We’re thrilled to be able to bring more of these immersive experiences to our guests this year.”

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The project seems to be making its way past the experimental stage, as Kimpton plans to expand its Room 301 experience in 20 other cities across the United States and Canada, starting this month. Each unique room will be based on the property’s location.

No additional fee is charged for staying in a Kimpton Hotel Stay Human room, and they are booked no differently than other rooms. Each Stay Human experience will be available for roughly three months at each property, but it will vary, depending on the property. Kimpton hasn’t established how often it will offer this experience.