Four Seasons Streams Private-Jet Experience

In a move that reflects the increasing use of live-stream advertising, consumers were able to virtually board the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts private jet recently to tour the aircraft and discover its amenities.

Four Seasons utilized Facebook Live’s streaming capabilities on Sept. 18 to offer the 35-minute live broadcast, which shows Four Seasons’ host Yvonne Yuen boarding a plane in Austin, Texas. She was greeted by a cabin crew member carrying a tray with champagne, an amenity that t every guest experiences when entering the aircraft. A flight attendant then directed her to her seat and helped her get situated.

Javier Loureiro, director of guest experience for Four Seasons private jet, then served as the guide. Prior to the broadcast, Four Seasons invited its Facebook followers to submit questions about the aircraft experience. Loureiro answered some of these questions—ranging from how on-board staff members are trained to how itineraries are arranged— during the broadcast. He also made suggestions, such as ways to deal with jet lag, and discussed the meal menu.

Loureiro then toured the aircraft, pointing out the mobility of seats as well as the availability of storage compartments and electrical outlets.  During the broadcast, viewers were able to comment and ask questions.

The live broadcast enabled Four Seasons to display its luxury jet from an unfiltered perspective, taking brand film beyond carefully produced montages. This virtual option is designed to appeal to affluent travelers who seek direct, behind-the-scenes experiences of flight options.

The Four Seasons Private Jet Experience, which began in February 2015, offers itineraries that crisscross the globe and allow customers to discover up to 10 international destinations on a single journey. A retrofitted Boeing 757 that accommodates 52 passengers is used for the journeys.

The private jet tour is one of the latest developments in live-stream video advertising, which Facebook is reportedly testing. A recent report from Trusted Media Brands, a global media and direct marketing company, showed that 8 percent of marketers are considering using live-stream video advertising in the next year.



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