Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson

Managing Editor at Smart Meetings
Dan Johnson has worked for Smart Meetings since 2012. He has been a professional writer and editor since 1969, working on newspapers, magazines and books in the United States and Japan. Dan has won many national, regional and local awards for his work. He received a B.A. in psychology from University of California, Berkeley, and an M.A. in Asian and comparative philosophy and religion from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. His interests include exploring the world’s many fascinating cultures, as well as music and sports.

New Mexico: Taking Wow to a New LevelHotels & Destinations

New Mexico, with its stunning beauty, rich cultural mix and thriving arts scene, has long been regarded as an especially attractive place for meetings. Its main cities also offer outstanding restaurants and wonderful hotels, but perhaps above all, the Land of Enchantment features a spirit that inspires groups, often triggering transformational—and even life-changing—experiences.

Win the Local Game with an Action-Packed BackdropMeeting Planning

Taking your group to a sports venue no longer is merely a hot dog and plastic chairs experience. Today’s high-tech venues are often fueled with gourmet, healthy food options and Insta-worthy meeting spaces. Plus, they feature a built-in connection to the team and community that guests feel the minute they arrive.

Planners Urged to Step Up Disaster PreparednessMeeting Planning

Meeting planners face an ever-increasing number of liability issues due to disasters, such as fires, floods, hurricanes and even acts of terrorism, and need to effectively manage them by establishing solid relationships with venue partners, local officials and attendees.