Six years ago Uber revolutionized the world of transportation with the introduction of an elegant app that allows the public to instantly hail a ride on demand. The only feature lacking in the highly functional app was the ability for customers to schedule rides in advance. That has changed with Uber’s scheduled rides roll out June 10.

The new feature permits users to pre-order pickups 30 minutes to 30 days in advance. Passengers simply select UberX, tap “schedule a ride,” and set their preferred pickup date, time, location and destination. Uber will send reminders both 24 hours and 30 minutes before the scheduled pickup. Like other Uber reservations, the request can be cancelled with no penalty before the driver is dispatched, and is subject to price surging.

The new scheduled rides feature debuted in Seattle but will be expanded to other major markets soon.

Scheduled Rides Designed With Business Travelers in Mind

According to Uber, ride scheduling was a top-requested feature from business travelers. Designed with them in mind, the company is giving priority access to riders with business profiles or those with Uber for Business accounts.

Its business customers are delighted. “Scheduled rides will improve the business travel experience for our employees, especially when they want extra assurance a ride will be there when they need it,” said Zillow Group, an online real estate company, in a statement released by Uber.

“Seattle has grown into one of the world’s great technology markets, and we’re excited to see Uber launch new and innovative features here first,” added Microsoft, which is headquartered in Seattle.

The Seattle Times reports that Uber chose to launch the new service in Seattle because developers who created the system are based there, and the city has a lot of business travelers. It notes that the service will be particularly helpful for business travelers with early morning flights.

They “want an extra degree of assurance Uber will be there when they head out” and will “sleep better knowing their Uber ride is arranged,” Tom Fallows, director of global experiences for Uber, told The Seattle Times.