Use Uber to get to the airport a few times a week? Did you know you can schedule the same Uber driver to pick you up?

Uber’s continued worldwide growth has adapted to travelers’ needs and made ride-sharing convenient. Huffington Post mentioned useful Uber tricks to get the most out of the service. The highlights:

Get Free Uber Credit Towards Your Next Ride

I first heard of Uber from a friend who told me I could get a free ride if I input his referral link to my account. Within days I was sharing my personal referral link with all my friends and colleagues, and getting free rides across the city.

Earn Starwood Points by Using Uber

Starwood Preferred Guests can link their Uber accounts and earn 1 Starpoint for every U.S. dollar spent on Uber.

Spotify Your Uber Ride

Some rides are longer than others, and what better way to enjoy lengthy Uber trips than with your personal playlist streaming from Spotify.  Connect your Spotify account to the Uber app and play your favorite jams on the way to your next destination.

Use Uber’s Trip History to Fill In Expense Reports

Uber’s slick new Trip History feature gives you a detailed look at every Uber ride. Cost, distance, date and location of your Uber trip is right at your fingertips, making it easy to do expense reports.

Issues with Your Trip?

Had an unsatisfactory Uber ride? Contact Uber support directly from the app. If you have a valid grievance, your ride can be credited within 24 hours.

Avoid Bad Drivers Without a Cancellation Fee

There’s nothing worse than an unpleasant Uber ride. From driving too fast to taking the long way home, there is plenty that can go wrong. View Uber driver ratings directly from the app and make sure you are matched with a highly rated driver. Still having doubts about your driver? You can cancel within 5 minutes to avoid a bad rating and a cancellation fee.

Remember Uber Drivers Don’t Accept Cash

Always remember that Uber fees are billed directly to your personal account, no matter the circumstance.  You will never exchange cash with an Uber driver unless you are giving a tip.