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In Smart Meetings’ May 2022 magazine, we share a manifesto for traveling to leave behind a better world. This is particularly true for technology workers who might be permanently remote and craving human connection. We explored ways to bring them together more meaningfully. While we are helping people get out and meeting again, we also need to make sure everyone feels welcome at the table by working with our venues to create menus that accommodate all their needs. Finally, we looked at the benefits of holding some of those events at gaming properties where a lot if the heavy lifting is already included.


A cropped photo of food- meat and vegetables on a plate.

Bon Accommodation!

When meeting planner Tracy Stuckrath got diagnosed with food allergies 19 years ago, she had an epiphany—on a plate. “As a planner, I realized that I could not eat at…

A businessman working on a laptop in the desert, representing remote work.

Forever Remote: Event Central

The decrease in daily face-to-face interactions could result in increased demand for team and company gatherings that previously happened informally or in the conference room. The way Adobe Chief People…

A black woman pulling her suitcase participating in tourism

Go. Just Go.

There’s plenty of bad news in the world. Putting our heads in the sand will not stop that. Trouble is, as we know, the vast majority of the good in…

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A person touching floating icons representing a net-zero world.

Healthy World: Is Net-zero Enough?

The questions before us: In a world of rapid and increasingly cataclysmic climate change, could the return of F2F events and our drive for their continual growth contain the seeds…

An Asian woman looking at her phone, representing evolving technology

Smart Tech: Room Diagramming Software Demystified

When it comes to event technology, I’m a firm believer in the idea that no one software or service is perfect for everybody. There are so many things that make…

Get Your CBD On: Smart Style With Kate Patay

In this May 2022 issue, Patay shares CBD balms for sore muscles, multifunctional travel tech, aromatherapy inhalers and more.

A portrait of Sophia H Hock. She is a brown woman with wavy brown hair and a blue blouse

Smart Chat: Sophia Hyder Hock on Diversity and Understanding Ourselves

In this Q&A with DI Chief Diversity Officer Sophie Hyder Hock, she touches on how yoga overlaps with diversity and events, visions for the future and more.

A stock image of a chef tossing vegetables in a pan

Essential F&B: Let Them Eat (Gluten-free) Cake

As much as my wife and I love trying new restaurants and learning about new food cultures when we travel, this has often been difficult in the past. If you’ve…

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