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In Smart Meetings' December issue, you won't want to miss our showcase of Platinum Choice winners: hotels, resorts, CVBs, conference centers, and destination marketing organizations who are the best of the best. We also dive into the art of citywide planning with hot tips for creating big impact. And don't miss our 25 pivotal hospitality trends—along with our bonus Smart Meetings Reader Trends Report.

We also feature experiencing the great Mexican East Coast, totally immersing in Massachusetts, scavenger hunting in Palm Springs and living it up like a local in Washington State. You'll want to read ways to survive a travel nightmare, the explosion of "bleisure" bonuses and how wellness is the new golf.

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25 Pivotal Hospitality Trends for 2018

Smart Meetings sifted through our coverage over the last 12 months to find the trends that are turning events upside down.

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The Art of Planning a Citywide

The term “citywide” is a bit of a misnomer, as most planners of large gatherings still prefer to cluster their activities as much as possible, usually in and around a city’s downtown district. But regardless of how large your event (or where you go), some aspects of planning citywides never change.

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The Best of the Best: 2018 Platinum Choice Winners

With each passing year, the bar is raised. The competition stiffens. The contenders multiply. It’s nothing short of a tribute to the global landscape of leading hotels, resorts, CVBs, conference centers and destination marketing organizations that our painstaking review of stand-out properties and organizations never gets easier.

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Q&A with ASAE President and CEO John Graham

John Graham, president and CEO of The Center for Association Leadership (ASAE), sets the stage for event professionals working in a divided U.S. government.

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Enjoy Your Holiday Feast in Excelsis

Today, enjoying the food and festivities of the season is a highlight of the year. Here is what luxury hotel properties around the nation are touting.

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The Next Generation of Wireless Event Intelligence is Here

Get ready for a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) evolution. It promises to expand the things planners can do with attendee experiences and event metrics.

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Survey Says: Wellness is the New Golf

The incentive travel business is healthier than it has ever been. That was evident from topline results of the massive Incentive Travel Industry Index released in September as part of a joint effort of Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE), The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), Financial & Insurance Conference Professionals (FICP) and JD Power.

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A Creative Approach to Maximizing Your Event

Some insight into how to plan a fundraising event that donates as much money as possible to charity—rather than spending it on the event.

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Recap: Money Talks, RFPs are on the Rise and Limo Safety

Recap: Money talks and meetings rock with a $1.03 trillion (yes, with a t) economic impact; also RFPs are on the rise and tips for limo safety.

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Herspective: ALHI Executive Women in Leadership Conference

For a couple of days in California’s wine country, 70 female executives gathered for the 13th annual ALHI Executive Women in Leadership Conference.

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Zero Waste: Important, and Not That Hard

The other day, I ran across this stunner of a statement: "If food waste was a country, it would be the third-largest carbon dioxide emitter in the world."

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