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Smart Meetings April magazine will help meeting professionals everywhere get hybrid-ready. Start with the cover story on how to protect attendee data and experiences and then learn all about how venue partners are going the extra step to help design meetings that are compliant with protocols while easing everyone’s soul. Then sit back with a bowl of popcorn for case studies from the front lines of financial and insurance meetings. You won’t believe the twists and turns. We even included a few features that will satisfy your travel bug and allow you to start planning meetings in New York, Colorado, Arizona and Utah for whenever you are ready to get back in person. Enjoy.


streaming hybrid bombing

Safe Streaming: How to Hybrid without Getting Bombed

Cybercrime is a real threat. We surveyed readers and experts to find out how to protect our companies, attendees and reputations while streaming.

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idea jam

How to Master the Idea Jam

Looking to ignite creativity in your group? Virtual idea capture products such as Mural, Whiteboard and Witeboard are popping up as popular activities for Zoom team meetings and conferences. Here…

Healthy You: Pay Attention

Your attention is a limited resource. Nevermind multitasking. Here’s what you should know about the detriments of multitasking so you can stay healthy.

fred dixon

Q&A with Fred Dixon on the Enduring Importance of Hospitality

Fred Dixon, president and CEO of NYC & Company and Meetings Mean Business Coalition co-chair, shares his experience during the last wild year as an industry leader in New York…

open for business

These Meeting Rooms are Open for Business

Hospitality professionals are getting back into meeting rooms with careful protocols and increasing confidence. We asked the Smartie community to share what they are seeing.

team building

Team Building Made Adventurous

With things seeming to trend more normal by the day, face-to-face team building may come back with a vengeance. Here are some ideas for getting out there.


Spring’s Sprung: Asparagus!

April may be the cruelest month for some, but not for a perennially perky harbinger of springtime—by which we mean asparagus. Here are four hotel restaurants dishing the best of.


Smart Tech: The One-year Anniversary of When I Almost Left the Industry

Event tech guru Brandt Kreuger reflects on the one-year anniversary of the disruption of the meetings industry, and how he flipped that around into a positive.

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