Japan has no shortage of unusual hotels, especially in Tokyo. Guests at Hotel Gracery, which opened in April in Tokyo’s vibrant Shinjuku Ward above Toho Cinema, wake up to a monster’s giant eyeball peering into their room, while others have a giant claw menacingly lurking above their bed. These are two of the many Godzilla features at the unique property. A 12-foot tall Godzilla head, which can be viewed from six Godzilla View Rooms, sits on the hotel’s lower roof deck. The property also features a human-size statue of the monster, classic movie posters and even custom Godzilla-themed toilets.

Tokyo is also home to a hotel offering specialized crying rooms for women. As part of a new promotion, female guests who check into Mitsui Garden Yotsuya, also in the Shinjuku district, will find luxury tissues, sad movies, makeup remover and eye masks in their rooms. Melancholy patrons are encouraged to come have a good cry for about $83.

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Japan is also king of capsule hotels, properties that feature tiny pods with only the most basic of amenities. Staying in one is a novel Japanese experience. Shinjuku Kuyakusho-mae Capsule Hotel in the heart of Tokyo is for men only—it is often populated by businessmen who have missed their last train home and seek an inexpensive yet clean place to stay. The mini rooms measure just 20 sq. ft.; bath and sauna facilities are shared. Asakusa Hotel & Capsule, located in the Shitamachi (downtown) area of Tokyo, is a rarity in that it services women as well as men.