6 Treats to Pamper Attendees and VIPs

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Treat attendees and VIPs to unique, thoughtful gifts they will definitely want to take home. Smart Meetings has selected an assortment of items that can make work and travel more enjoyable, and contribute to good health and well-being. Bonus: Everyone will remember your event!

Breaking the Shell

Chocolate is not so mischievous when it’s wrapping protein-rich and hearty nuts. Pralines, almonds and hazelnuts make this treat a not-so-guilty pleasure. deananddeluca.com


Scrub ‘n Shine

The New Year is a time to rejuvenate every inch of you— lips included. This dynamic duo works two-fold: The scrub exfoliates while the slip shines and adds a natural hue. nordstrom.com


Put your Labeler to Labor

What meeting planner doesn’t wish they had a pocket-size label maker at their fingertips day and night? It’s fast and uses Bluetooth and voiceto- text capabilities. That means you can make labels in 40 font styles just by speaking! dymo.com


Green Machine

Purify the air around you and add some botanical oomph at the same time! This NASA-inspired planter exposes plants’ roots to clean the air up to eight times better than plants in regular planters. uncommongoods.com


Get Fit Gym Kit

No more excuses! You get a lightweight jump rope, three resistance bands, an exercise manual and a slim gym bag, ready to travel wherever this year takes you. flight001.com


Balanced Traveler

G-Ro didn’t reinvent the wheel; just the suitcase attached to it. Large, axel-less wheels mean a more balanced suitcase that feels lightweight and can travel with you on all terrain. store. moma.org


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